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Carbon Capture: An effective climate change solution may lie in rocks beneath our feet

Why has Earth’s climate remained so stable over geological time? The answer just might rock you. Rocks, particularly the types created by volcanic activity, play a critical role in keeping Earth’s long-term climate stable and cycling carbon dioxide between land, oceans and the atmosphere. Weathering of rocks like these basalt formations in Idaho triggers chemical processes […]

July 18th

A call for direct action in the climate movement: we need your ideas

BY Bill McKibben, Philip Radford, Rebecca Tarbotton (Cross-posted from Grist) Dear Friends, God, what a summer. Federal scientists have concluded that we’ve just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade in human history. Nineteen nations have set new all-time temperature records; the mercury in Pakistan reached 129 degrees, the […]

September 7th

Senate Takes up Murkowski Bid to Block EPA

The EPA has found, based on the scientific evidence (everyone from academics to strategic planners at the Pentagon agrees on this), that CO2 output is hazardous and needs to be regulated. Senator Murkowski wants to strip the EPA of authority to do that, saying it’s SOOO important that Congress needs to handle it. But is that really what’s going on? We take a look at the reality behind the hype.

June 10th

Can We Really Get Back to 350 ppm?

Today is’s International Day of Climate Action, during which people around the world are trying to call attention to our need to bring the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere back down to 350 parts-per-million (ppm). A noble cause, to be sure — but can we actually do it?

October 24th

Environmental protest round up 3 July 2009

Environmental protestors chained themselves to a conveyor belt, protesting that environmental legislation neglected the needs of local wildlife but a spokesman for the plant said ‘… It didn’t affect us in any way and we just left them there until they decided that they felt like going home and they did. These days it’s as much about the show as it is about the reasons, so I guess the show must go on and sometimes the reasons are worthwhile and sometimes they are not.’

July 3rd