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Tips for talking about carbon pricing (Videos!)

As actress and activist Nikki Reed learned during the second season of YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, there’s a growing number of people who are working to solve climate change by pushing for a price on carbon. Carbon pricing is an economic tool that encourages polluters to switch to clean energy, by making the cost of polluting high. It’s […]

May 4th

GOP strategists praise carbon pricing (as a way to win votes)

The Republican party admittedly has no national climate plan. To climate deniers, this is fine. But Republican strategists are warning that younger voters really do care about the climate crisis, and, without Generation Z’s votes, the party is on tenuous ground. Enter carbon pricing. By Carolyn Fortuna Cleantechnica Who’s speaking up? Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]

February 13th

Which 2020 candidates support carbon prici

    In past years, presidential campaigns have rarely mentioned global warming, let alone offered major policy proposals. 2020 will be different for many reasons. By Bob Taylor Dire reports from the world’s scientific community make it clear that we must act now. Extreme weather has increased markedly in recent years, from wildfires to hurricanes, and has […]

Here we go again: ” If global warming is real, why is it so cold in Chicago?”

As young activists gather in cities around the world to demand political leaders take meaningful steps to curb global warming, weather, forecasters are predicting it will be warmer today in Antarctica than in Chicago. The record cold temperatures have prompted the alleged leader of the free world to tweet yet another dig at climate change, guffawing that […]

February 1st

State cap-and-trade systems offer evidence that carbon pricing can work

The latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report argues that carbon pollution must be cut to zero by 2050 to avoid devastating levels of climate change. Achieving that goal will require swiftly transforming the energy, transportation, housing and food industries, and more. Although these tasks are daunting and the Trump administration is dismantling federal regulations […]

December 6th

Europe’s carbon pricing isn’t working – still on track for 4 degrees C of temperature rise

Global asset manager Schroders launched its Climate Progress Dashboard in July of 2017to provide investors with “a unique insight” into the global progress towards limiting global warming to the 2°C set by the Paris Agreement. At the time of its inaugural publication, Schroders predicted that we are on path for a temperature rise of 4°C — a forecast […]

October 23rd

With new index series, investment community prepares for carbon pricing

The signs of a changing climate are becoming harder to ignore. That might explain why solutions are gaining traction in new places. These solutions include carbon pricing proposals that would shift the costs of GHG emissions from society onto polluters.  Another unexpected voice in the conversation: the investment community. In July, S&P Dow Jones Indices released the S&P […]

August 27th

How Carbon Pricing drives innovation

It seems that every advancement in our collective understanding of climate science darkens the picture: warmer temperatures, shorter time frames, and broader impacts. Happily, the opposite seems to be true in our economic understanding of climate solutions, specifically a carbon pricing solution to GHG emissions. By Dr. Philip Harding, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Economics Policy Network […]

August 7th

Climate Solutions Caucus members introduce carbon pricing bill in Congress

Last week, Climate Solutions Caucus member Rep. John Larson (D-CT) introduced a carbon pricing bill called the America Wins Act. Joining Rep. Larson in co-sponsoring this bill are fellow Climate Solutions Caucus members Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA) and 14 other Democrats. By Flannery Winchester  Citizens Climate Lobby Last week, Climate Solutions Caucus member Rep. John Larson (D-CT) introduced a […]

November 10th

Conservative climate change solutions: More business leaders come out for carbon pricing

Two former CEOs and the former Chief Risk Officer of Goldman Sachs say that carbon pricing could help achieve comprehensive tax reform that boosts U.S. competitiveness and job growth, according to a statement submitted to the record of the House Ways and Means Committee last night. By Partnership for Responsible Growth  Following President Trump’s announcement […]

June 13th

Cap and Trade 101

A cap is a limit on pollution defined by a government: so a government legally defines how much of a pollutant companies can produce. If they produce more, they have to pay fines. The polluting companies are assigned credits by the government as well. If they are polluting too much and won’t stop, they can buy credits from […]

February 29th