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Keystone XL roundup – Yeah, the State Department report sucks

By Meteor Blades As expected, the State Department released its long-awaited Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Keystone XL pipeline Friday afternoon. Most media reports have been stating that the 11-volume document gives the project a green light and the response to that from many environmental advocates has been fierce. But Josh Mogerman, deputy director of national media […]

January 31st

Carbon standard is a major victory

Anyone who wants to create a cleaner, healthier, and more stable environment for their children has a reason to celebrate today. The Environmental Protection Agency has issued the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from new power plants.  This is a major public health and environmental breakthrough, and every smart politician should trumpet it. Why? Because it is […]

Govt Shutdown: GOP backs down from its war on the EPA?

There may be good news on the government shutdown front for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Yesterday, it looked like the House Republicans, in thrall to their “cut EVERYTHING” Tea-Party wing, were going to allow the government to shut down over their intransigence on two items: Slashing the EPA (as well as blocking it from acting on climate change), and slashing funding for Planned Parenthood (which gets money for women’s health services – NOT abortion).

April 8th

Sunday Funnies: COP 16 climate summit in 2 minutes

Not sure what happened at the COP 16 climate summit in Cancun back in December? Worried that the issue of global warming wasn’t really dealt with by the assembled nations of the world in a mature, sensible way? Here’s a quick easy summary that covers the whole thing… in two minutes! With hand puppets! Just […]

February 6th

“Party of No” finally says yes – to more greenhouse gases

They said they were gonna do it, and they did it. The GOP has introduced what they are creatively calling the “Energy Tax Prevention Act.” What it actually does is block the EPA from enforcing the clean air act- as recognized by the Supreme Court – and increasing US output of greenhouse gases. “We firmly […]

February 4th

NRDC: Climate Progress in Cancun Points the Way for America

By Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council In Cancun, nearly 200 countries reached an agreement on how to confront climate change both as individual nations and as a global community. This achievement brings greater definition to the Copenhagen accord and provides a practical framework for all countries to forge ahead with climate solutions. […]

December 15th

Flawed Coal and CO2 Prediction Creates Bitchy Scientist

CO2 emission estimates based on coal and fossil fuel production are pessimistic at best, says new research out of the University of Texas at Austin. A new study by Tad Patzek, chair of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin, has shown that CO2 emission estimates used for government […]

July 26th