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China is eating our lunch on renewable energy. So is India.

Last year, in its annual evaluation of the 40 most attractive national markets for investments in renewable energy, the accounting and professional services firm of Ernst & Young assessed the United States as No. 1. But this year the U.S. slipped to No. 3 with China placing first, and India second. The reason: that climate science denier squatting in the White House. […]

May 16th

James Howard Kunstler – The Cracker Party and the Snapback

By James Howard Kunstler Well,  at least the poobahs cleared a path to the annual orgy of Christmas, which, along with the S & P 500, have become proxies for the American economy. Lately, the Christmas season starts directly after Halloween, so, the whole fourth quarter of the year becomes a circus of ceremonial distractions. […]

October 21st

Obama’s brutal new ad: Tone-deaf Mitt isn’t the solution, he’s the problem

Mitt Romney is getting hammered this week as he tries to have it both ways: Either he’s the active CEO with the business skills to fix America’s problems, or he’s the passive investor who sits on the sidelines but can’t be held responsible for the creative destruction his companies wreaked, from Massachusetts to California. Now, the Obama […]

July 14th

GOP says US can’t compete with China on clean energy

Stearns says considering the $30 billion China has sunk into solar subsidies, it’s too late for us. He wants us to put money in areas the US has a chance of winning. Nice move – we’re in the second inning of the World Series of solar, and Stearns wants us to throw up our hands and walk away.

October 4th

Clean Energy: Yep, China is Seriously Eating Our Lunch

If the future of the US economy is in clean energy, we may be in trouble. While we’ve been taking baby steps, China has been making enormous strides. The new trade deal with China doesn’t go far enough, and the GOP/Tea Party leaders in the new Congress say that even the baby steps we have […]

January 20th

US Fights Renewable Energy Subsides In China (While Extending Them At Home)

The Tax Cut Package signed into law last week by President Obama featured a bunch of good news for clean energy, mostly extensions of Bush-era tax policies that subsidized or otherwise encouraged investment and development of wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources (see our earlier coverage of this issue, “Renewable Energy Programs are Back […]

December 24th