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Celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act climate bill… then let’s work for more!

While welcoming U.S. House lawmakers’ passage of the Inflation Reduction Act on Friday and President Biden’s signature Tuesday, climate campaigners and some progressive lawmakers said the $740 billion bill does not do nearly enough to address the worsening climate emergency. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams Big news! The #InflationReductionAct will be signed into law by @POTUS later today! This […]

August 17th

Clean Creatives: PR giant Edelman does the right thing, breaks with client over fossil fuels

Public relations giant Edelman and Standard Bank Group are ending their relationship, reportedly due to a controversial oil project—a development that climate campaigners last week welcomed as a win for activism pressuring PR firms to break up with polluters.By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams A global campaign against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, StopEACOP, tweeted […]

August 16th

Climate messaging: Cognitive biases and brain biology help explain why facts don’t change minds

“Facts First” is the tagline of a CNN branding campaign which contends that “once facts are established, opinions can be formed.” The problem is that while it sounds logical, this appealing assertion is a fallacy not supported by research. Cognitive psychology and neuroscience studies have found that the exact opposite is often true when it […]

August 12th

Citizens’ Climate Lobby: What the Inflation Reduction Act means for climate action

This article from Yale Climate Connections explains the plethora of benefits, climate and otherwise, that will follow as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act. By Dana Nuccitelli Citizens’ Climate Lobby The author, CCL Research Coordinator Dana Nuccitelli, also held a training on this topic, which can be found below. The U.S. Senate passed the Inflation Reduction […]

House set to pass the biggest climate action bill in history, the Inflation Reduction Act

Pledging to continue fighting for provisions that were left out of the U.S. Senate-passed Inflation Reduction Act, Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Thursday said that while the package is far from perfect, progressives in the House “should feel very proud of our part in getting to this point” and called for lawmakers to send the bill to […]

August 12th

GOP coordinating state-level attacks on corporate climate action – and consumers are paying the price

Republican state treasurers are coordinating with each other and conservative groups to execute a well-funded campaign to block climate policies at the state and federal level, a New York Times investigation Friday revealed. The group meets regularly to exchange tactics and talking points, taking cues from one another on implementing policies that protect fossil fuel […]

August 10th

Dr James Hansen: The next climate action after the Inflation Reduction Act should be a carbon fee and dividend

The eyes of history will pierce the fog of politics. Science has exposed the course upon which our quest for energy has set our planet. Consequences will fall mainly on young people, their children, and grandchildren — unless decisive political leadership abandons wishful thinking and superficial half-measures. Climate change is a global matter and demands […]

August 9th

Climate WIN! Evangelical Environmental Network celebrates Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

Today, we celebrate with the majority of Americans and the world that the United States is again assuming its leadership responsibility to address the climate crisis. As the premier medical journal The Lancet states, “Climate change is the greatest global health threat facing the world in the 21st century, but it is also the greatest opportunity to […]

We did it! Senate passes Inflation Reduction Act, the first major climate bill to make it through

The U.S. Senate on Sunday barely passed a $430 billion bill intended to fight climate change, lower drug prices, and raise some corporate taxes. The 51-50 party-line vote needed Vice President Kamala Harris to cast the tie-breaking ballot. By Common Dreams Staff Thanks to Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), there was a huge, last-minute win for the […]

August 8th

Dr Michael Mann: Climate change isn’t a cliff edge, it’s a minefield. We’re walking deeper and deeper in.

“NPR’s A Martinez talks to Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Penn State, about record-high temperatures across the U.S., which climate scientists say is attributable to climate change.” By Michael Mann Heard on Morning Edition MARTINEZ: … And is there anything different this year or maybe even last year than, say, maybe 10 years ago? […]

August 7th

Call to ACTION: Join 250 Catholic groups telling Congress to pass the Inflation Reduction Act

This week, more than 250 U.S. Catholic institutions sent an open letter to each member of Congress in support of climate legislation for our common home, asking leaders to support climate investments both now and in the future to protect natural resources and promote human dignity as the climate crisis unleashes historic heatwaves, flooding, and forest fires across our nation and world. By Catholic […]

August 7th

Women are turning the tide on climate policy worldwide

When Australia’s new federal parliament opened last week, a record number of female politicians took their seats: 38% in the House of Representatives and 57% in the Senate. This changing of the guard, with women at the forefront, brings an opportunity to accelerate Australia’s efforts on climate change. The major parties were virtually silent on […]

August 6th