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Sorry, climate change deniers – coronavirus lockdown has nothing to do with climate policy

A month ago we said to cool it with the “coronavirus is good for the environment” takes – not only because of the eco-facsist undertones, but also because it’s the sort of thing deniers use to falsely portray climate action as just as harsh and painful as COVID-19 mitigation measures. By Climate Denier Roundup Sure enough, alongside the rise of astroturfed […]

Climate-denying Heartland Institute continues to flounder

It’s been a month since the Heartland Institute “reorganized” by firing a bunch of people and then replacing its president with longtime climate denier James Taylor, and an early picture of his leadership may be emerging. With spring in the air, let’s see what new growth may be in the works! By Climate Denier Roundup The first change is […]

War on Science, Coronavirus edition: The same cast of climate change deniers turn their guns on public health experts

Whether it’s the fiscal pressure evidenced by the layoffs at API and Heartland, or the ideological assault of a government actually doing something in the face of a crisis, deniers seem to be moving from a somewhat passive skepticism of coronavirus measures to actively advocating against them, and they’re using a familiar strategy. By Climate Denier Roundup We’ve […]

Federalist Society offers up world’s dumbest arguments against climate change lawsuits

Earlier this month, the Federalist Society (the conservative, Koch and industry-funded legal group that’s using Trump to reshape the judiciary) held a virtual event on the “consequences of municipal litigation.” While the event apparently covered lawsuits like those concerning the opioid epidemic or data privacy breaches, the climate lawsuits are what the fossil fuel industry PR group Energy in Depth’s […]

Podcast: Will the coronavirus pandemic change the way we deal with climate change?

50 years of increasing science denial on the political right wing has reached a tipping point in the USA. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the country. Those deaths are hitting liberal areas now, but will switch to disproportionately impact red states in the coming months. By Michael Barnard Cleantechnica And that will have […]

March 30th

In Australia, one climate change denier comes back to science (because coronavirus)

Over the past two months, Australian blogger Jo Nova has kept her audience abreast of the pandemic, as her climate conspiracy theory posts have dried up in favor of regular coverage of coronavirus. And unlike others who have downplayed the severity of the threat or offered false hopes for easy fixes, Nova has repeatedly called for quick and drastic […]

President Trump’s Coronavirus lies have killed a man. There will be a lot more.

Over the past few weeks, the sorts of fringe blogs and conservative “media” that often publish climate denial have been singing the praises of the anti-malarial drug chloroquine, claiming it’s a cure for the Coronavirus. WUWT, the Daily Wire, and the Daily Signal have all covered chloroquine’s promise, as has James Delingpole several times at Breitbart. By Climate Denier Roundup […]

Climate Change Denial: Heartless Heartland is now also headless

As we discussed last week, the Heartland Institute is apparently all but broke, and recently fired about half its staff. On Saturday, the organization announced that its president has resigned, and the board has appointed James Taylor as its new president. By Climate Denier Roundup We wish James, whose brother Jerry has said that denier myths are propagated “with full […]

War on science – the man at the center of coronavirus denial AND climate change denial

What does the EPA’s proposal to censor science used in decision-making (published in the Federal Register last week), COVID-19 myths and misinformation, and climate change denial all have in common? (Besides the fact that their underlying conspiracy theories can all be tackled the same way?) Answer: Steve Milloy. By Climate Denier Roundup As regular readers know, Milloy […]

Nazis at Heartland? But that’s NOT why they fired half the staff

Recently, the Heartland Institute fired nearly half its staff, according to reporting by Alex Kauffman of HuffPost. According to Kauffman, the organization’s (former) events coordinator Nikki Comerford said that “Heartland is broke” because president “Frank Lasee spent all of our money in six months including the savings.” By Climate Denier Roundup Heartland responded to the report […]