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War on Science: Climate deniers like to think they’re battling Hitler, or maybe Stalin

A month ago, Roger Pielke Jr. published a wild-eyed and tin-foiled Forbes post describing SkepticalScience’s list of Climate Misinformers as a “blacklist.” The Forbes post triggered a flood of follow-on posts spinning up the conspiracy theory that alarmists with lists are keeping deniers from getting hired (as opposed to the fact that universities tend not to want to hire people who have repeatedly and knowingly said things […]

Oregon GOP walks out to prevent vote on climate bill – backed up by white supremacists

As our recent post on anti-Greta Naomi Seibt’s anti-Semitism and anti-feminism demonstrated, the forces of climate denial are making common cause with the patriarchy and white supremacy as part of the larger cultural battle to preserve white male dominance. The case of Oregon’s GOP fleeing the legislature over the past weeks provides a perfect example. At Vox, […]

Sunblock Applied: Zharkova’s 2019 study claiming sun’s wobble causing warming finally retracted

Russian scientist Valentina Zharkova is one of the few remaining deniers who still tries, and occasionally succeeds in getting published in real peer-reviewed journals. Her general schtick is that one way or another, it’s the Sun causing warming, and that it will soon trigger cooling. Last summer, Zharkova published a study blaming little wobbles in […]

Green New Deal vs Fracking: Big oil wants to scare you with ludicrous numbers (But it just ain’t so!)

On Wednesday, a trio of right-wing groups released a report claiming that, per the Daily Caller, the Green New Deal would cost swing-state households $75,000 a year. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s just an update to a similar report they put out last year which found the GND would cost households $70,000 a year. Since we disassembled […]

Climate Change Denial: Fake scientist accuses scientists of fake science

Anthony Watts is not a scientist, but instead someone who uses his online blog to attack real climate science. One of his biggest efforts was the Surface Stations project, where he assembled “a grass roots network of volunteers” to second-guess the thermometer-based temperature stations he believed were showing too much warming because of urban development. […]

February 28th

Renewable energy developers ready to quit Australia over ridiculous government policies

At CleanTechnica, we like to feature all of the amazing clean energy projects taking place in Australia, despite hostility from the federal government. But there is trouble on the horizon. A lack of clear renewable energy policies from the Australian government and difficulty getting approval from the Australian Electricity Market Operator to connect new projects to the […]

February 27th

The only real thing about RealClear Energy is its Koch-funded climate denier bias

RealClear Politics, which started in 2000 as a news aggregator, is one of the longest-running digital news sites. From the jump, the sit was implicitly explicit about its conservative bias, in that it sought to “counterbalance the common liberal bias of the mainstream press by providing a more realistic look at the issues” and to “give readers ideological diversity.” […]

February 26th

1 in 4 climate tweets come from bots. Twitter won’t do anything about it.

Last week, US intelligence officials told Congress that Russia is working to get President Trump re-elected. They did not say what measures are being used. And they didn’t have to, because we already know how the Russians use bots and fake accounts to manipulate social media. We also know that social media companies have been slow to respond, […]

February 25th

A military perspective on climate change could bridge the gap between believers and doubters

As experts warn that the world is running out of time to head off severe climate change, discussions of what the U.S. should do about it are split into opposing camps. The scientific-environmental perspective says global warming will cause the planet severe harm without action to slow fossil fuel burning. Those who reject mainstream climate […]

February 23rd

Trump budget shows he’s still deep in (climate change) denial

President Trump released his proposal for the government’s budget this week. Given that Congress controls the power of the purse, even with a functioning democracy these budgets are  really a messaging document, meant as a signal to the president’s party about what they want to prioritize. Since the House is controlled by the Democratic party, […]

February 12th

Climate change denial: Heartland pushes their alt-right Greta Thunberg clone

Greta Thunberg may not be traveling the world at this point, but she’s still driving deniers insane. She made an appearance (via video, of course) at the Oscars and has a forthcoming BBC docu-series. Not to worry though – deniers have a plan to counter her influence, beyond their current approach of raging misogyny. By Climate Denier Roundup Remember […]

February 11th