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Trump budget shows he’s still deep in (climate change) denial

President Trump released his proposal for the government’s budget this week. Given that Congress controls the power of the purse, even with a functioning democracy these budgets are  really a messaging document, meant as a signal to the president’s party about what they want to prioritize. Since the House is controlled by the Democratic party, […]

February 12th

Climate change denial: Heartland pushes their alt-right Greta Thunberg clone

Greta Thunberg may not be traveling the world at this point, but she’s still driving deniers insane. She made an appearance (via video, of course) at the Oscars and has a forthcoming BBC docu-series. Not to worry though – deniers have a plan to counter her influence, beyond their current approach of raging misogyny. By Climate Denier Roundup Remember […]

February 11th

Has the GOP found its inner Lorax? Or just more subtle forms of climate change denial?

While we’re all certainly happy to see that Trump and some elected Republicans have found their inner Lorax, it’s not yet clear if they’re ready to do anything about the country’s fossil fuel addiction. Still, it creates at least the appearance of a rift between the hardcore climate denial set and the politicians who claim […]

February 7th

Heartland Institute taking its climate change denial roadshow to Vegas, baby

Yesterday the Heartland Institute announced that its 14th annual climate conference is scheduled for May 7th and 8th, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. While they’ve yet to actually fill out the schedule with any details, it promises to be “THE EVENT” for “those who want to meet the best scientists and experts… brave enough to publicly tell the truth about […]

February 5th

British Medical Journal rejects killer fossil fuel lies (and funding!)

While deniers are busy trying to sell the lie that carbon pollution is good for the planet and the people on it, actual health experts have a decidedly different view. Yesterday, England’s National Health Service announced several new initiatives to address climate change by eliminating its fossil fuel emissions by 2050. In explaining the new campaign, NHS head […]

January 29th

WTF is going on with the axis of climate change denial and child abuse?

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Lawrence Krauss criticizing the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists annual “Doomsday Clock” warning. While it’s no surprise to see the Journal giving space to someone to poo-poo warnings about the  climate crisis and other catastrophes, it is somewhat shocking to see Krauss published in such a high-profile outlet: Buzzfeed […]

January 27th

Is the GOP finally coming around on climate change?

For several months, I’ve been tracking the crumbling wall of denialism in the senior ranks of the Republican Party. The formal denial of climate change and refusal of climate action of the party is a global outlier, with every other country in the world signatory to the Paris Accord. Almost every other country has sidelined […]

January 18th

Climate change deniers hate climate models (except their own cherry-picked versions)

Who to trust, thermometers, or oversimplified one-dimensional climate models? One might think that deniers, with their regular assailing of climate models as being unreliable, would prefer a study based on actual temperature measurements to one based on modeling. By Climate Denier Roundup But these days, thermometers are not exactly friendly to climate denial. Case in point, the new […]

January 17th