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As Australia burns, trolls spread lies and disinformation (no, it’s NOT leftist arsonists)

Australia is burning, As brushires rage across huge swaths of the country, record high temperatures and gale force winds are making the effort to contain them treacherously difficult. Authorities fear that two major fires near the border of New South Wales and Victoria could merge over the weekend and create the biggest conflagration in the […]

January 10th

Fossil fuel liars continue to muddy the climate-change debate with fake news (Thanks, WSJ!)

Yesterday, Buzzfeed published an investigation of the growing sector of seedy online public relations companies that use dishonest and misleading efforts to manipulate public opinion. From fake news to fake fact checks to fake Facebook groups, political parties and corporations are fully embracing the dark arts of propaganda. By Climate Denier Roundup By automating bots to shape […]

Chinese cult-like group Falun Gong bankrolls climate change denial

If you live on this earth, then the odds are pretty good you’ve seen a poster, pamphlet, or flyer for Shen Yun, a live show of traditional Chinese dance and music whose omnipresent advertisements became (and remain) one of 2019’s first big memes. If you’ve attended a performance you may have been entertained but also perhaps confused by some parts, like […]

Climate change deniers outraged that – gasp! – Extinction Rebellion raises money!

Over the weekend, deniers got very excited about a potential Climategate repeat, only instead of private emails from climate scientists being hacked, it was a leak (of sorts) of Extinction Rebellion’s internal documents. By Climate Denier Roundup Blogger Paul Homewood was the first to get his hands on them, and his crack(pot) analysis was quickly picked up […]

Trump’s climate change denial “Red Team” trots out the same old debunked lies

Earlier this month, we learned that the Trump administration is still looking for ways to use a red team of deniers to attack climate science. It’s been two years since Steve Koonin first proposed the idea–surely he’s spent this time developing a unique and razor-sharp argument to justify opening a new line of debate and taking the establishment […]

War on Science: Michael Mann wins a round in court vs climate change deniers

Michael Mann is the man fossil fuel advocates love to hate. Together with fellow climate scientists Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes, he created the famous “hockey stick” graph in 1999 that predicted a sharp increase in global temperatures as carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increased. That graph became a focal point of Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient […]

June 19th

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s epic climate change FAIL

The Competitive Enterprise Institute released what it calls “a citizen’s guide to climate change” last week. While we would normally try to ignore the atonal screechings of industry-funded science guides, given reports last week that the EPA tapped CEI’s Myron Ebell to provide a defense for Scott Pruitt’s denial, odds are better than we’d like that Wheeler will make […]

Mobil oil company used its charity to push corporate interests (like climate denial)

We often talk about how the fossil fuel industry uses philanthropy as a means to benefit their bottom line by shaping potential regulations and public opinion. And if you don’t believe us, despite the ample evidence, you’re in luck: now we have confirmation, straight from the horse’s mouth. By Climate Denier Roundup In a pair of Guardian stories published Wednesday, reporter Sharon […]

Memorial Day: Climate change deniers whine about Twitter bullying (while dictators murder environmentalists)

Last month, WUWT posted an essay by “aspiring Ph.D meteorologist” Chris Martz (he plans on attending college to get a meteorology degree) complaining about how deniers “have dealt with bullying.”  Apparently, Martz rarely sees his side bully people who accept the scientific consensus (aside from picking on Al Gore). Instead he sees “a lot more bullying and harassment” coming […]

Fox News and Koch-funded DailyCaller fail to smear AOC in gotcha politics

That the Koch-funded Daily Caller is more of a right wing propaganda machine than a news outlet is hardly a novel conclusion, but we would be remiss not to highlight a video post from last week.  The aim of the piece is to accuse Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of hypocrisy. The Caller’s headline asks why AOC drives to work when she doesn’t have to, […]