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Head of Trump’s climate change panel says attacks on CO2 are like Hitler’s attacks on Jews

The White House is establishing a new climate group, the Presidential Committee on Climate Security. If you’re thinking “Finally!! the Trump regime is becoming enlightened about the crisis we have on our hands” … well, you’ve forgotten who we’re dealing with here. Trump and his coterie of climate science deniers have something else than enlightenment in mind: shooting down assertions […]

February 22nd

The right wing noise machine attacks the Green New Deal the usual way: It just makes shit up

The right’s mockery of the Green New Deal continues to provide ample fodder for counter-mockery. While some pundits are content to play Mr. Gotcha on airlines, fearmonger about steaks, or unironically use South Park’s denial parody and cry “but China!”, others offer more entertaining responses. By Climate Denier Roundup The most bizarre attacker is Jack “they named an anti-corruption law after me” Abramoff, […]

February 21st

Oilly bedfellows: Sexism, racism, and climate change denial vs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Back in November, Paul Krugman wrote a great column on “the depravity of climate denial,” comparing climate denial to the tobacco-cancer denial industry. Krugman concludes that climate denial is even worse than the tobacco industrial complex: cancer denial most impacted those who choose to smoke, he argues, whereas climate denial hurts us all. Krugman on the depravity […]

Will Idaho dumb-down science education? (Over climate change, of course)

Idaho lawmakers are currently debating whether or not to include climate change in science education standards. The local lawmaker opposed to including the fact that human activity is changing the climate, Republican Rep. Scott Syme, said he doesn’t like that the climate-related sections of the proposed standards “have conclusions drawn in.” By Climate Denier Roundup Now, […]

February 5th