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The 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season set to break records: University of Pennsylvania Forecast

University of Pennsylvania EES scientists Dr. Michael E. Mann and Shannon Christiansen, and Penn State ESSC alumnus Dr. Michael Kozar have released their seasonal prediction for the 2024 North Atlantic hurricane season, which officially starts on 1 June and runs through 30 November. The prediction is for 33.1 +/- 5.8 total named tropical cyclones, which corresponds to a range […]

April 24th

EcoRight Speaks climate podcast: ecologist, reclamation expert Mike Curran

This week’s guest on the EcoRight Speaks climate podcast is ecologist Dr. Michael Curran, who owns and operates Abnova Ecological Solutions. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN A Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP) and Certified Wildlife Biologist (CWB), Dr. Curran received both the top M.S. and top Ph.D. Student Award in the country by the American […]

April 9th

James Hansen – Hope vs Hopium in the acceleration of global warming

Accumulating evidence supports the interpretation in our Pipeline paper: decreasing human-made aerosols increased Earth’s energy imbalance and accelerated global warming in the past decade. Climate sensitivity and aerosol forcing, physically independent quantities, were tied together by United Nations IPCC climate assessments that rely excessively on global climate models (GCMs) and fail to measure climate forcing […]

April 1st

On top of climate chaos, UN climate body is short on money

There was a bit a of news last week from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. That’s the 32-year-old process, backed by treaty, by which limits on carbon emissions are negotiated. To the government ministers and negotiators meeting at the year’s first round of international climate meetings in Denmark, UNFCCC executive director Simon Stiell on Thursday made […]

April 1st

Earth Matters – A roundup of climate action and clean energy news

OHIO’S SOLAR FARM WILL ALSO BE THE LARGEST U.S. AGRIVOLTAICS PROJECT – It was a struggle, but developers have finally gotten the go-ahead for what will be the nation’s largest agrivoltaics project. Locating crop production together with solar energy facilities has long been touted as a win-win and is now getting positive attention globally for its mutual benefits. […]

March 31st

EcoRight climate news for the week of March 27

Hello, friends! About the time you’re getting this, I’m likely about to go to sleep in my hotel in Jordan, where I will spend the next week riding a bike (a real one!) through the countryside seeing some majestic places like Petra and Wadi Rum. Because I’m on this trip of a lifetime, there will […]

March 27th

Climate change has killed AT LEAST 4 million people since 2000

In the early 2000s, as climate denialism was infecting political institutions around the world like a malevolent plague, an Australian epidemiologist named Anthony McMichael took on a peculiar and morbid scientific question: How many people were being killed by climate change? By Zoya Teirstein Grist McMichael’s research team tallied up how many lives had been […]

January 30th

Earth Matters – Jan 30 roundup of climate and clean energy news from a progressive perspective

No, The US Is Not Going To Cover 22 Million Acres With Solar Panels The Biden administration announced it is making 22 million acres of public land available for solar development, reports Steve Hanley at CleanTechnica. . “The Interior Department’s work to responsibly and quickly develop renewable energy projects is crucial to achieving the Biden-Harris administration’s goal […]

January 29th

Earth Matters – A roundup of climate and clean energy news from a progressive perspective

CALIFORNIA LEADS THE U.S. IN ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND CHARGING LOCATIONS – In 2016, there were 511,600 electric vehicles registered in the United States. By the end of 2022, according to the federal Energy Information Administration, that count had risen sixfold to 3.1 million. Over the same period, installation of charging locations rose from 19,178 to 55,015. While this was […]

January 6th

Action – We need YOUR comments by Sept 29 to help save NEPA, our most important climate tool

President Biden’s administration has proposed updates to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that would repair dangerous Trump-era weakening of NEPA regulations. The new rules have the opportunity to protect our climate and communities, while ensuring community input and involvement. But, we have to act fast — comments on the draft rule are due September 29, and […]

September 26th

Thanks to a huge surge in clean energy, we still have a shot at avoiding the worst of climate disaster

The International Energy Agency said Tuesday that the rapid acceleration of clean energy growth worldwide has kept the Paris climate accord’s critical 1.5°C warming target alive for now—but warned the continued burning of fossil fuels poses a dire threat to efforts to stave off the worst of the planetary crisis. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams In a […]

September 26th

Earth Matters – Progressive takes on this week’s climate and clean energy stories

The US has added more than 188,000 EV-related jobs, and the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation has launched an EV Jobs Hub to mark progress in that realm. The foundation is a partner with the BlueGreen Alliance, which since 2006 has worked to unite labor unions and environmental organizations to create high-quality, environmentally sound, unionized jobs in […]

September 21st

All eyes are on world leaders to do better at the Climate Ambition Summit

On September 20, the U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres is hosting a Climate Ambition Summit seeking to galvanize greater climate action from world leaders. Coming on the heels of the powerful March to End Fossil Fuels last weekend, this summit continues the pressure on governments to meet the urgency of the moment. By Rachel Cleetus Union Of Concerned Scientists Despite […]

September 20th