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Canada Votes: Climate action is at risk because of the snap federal election call

Canadian voters concerned about the environment and climate change find themselves presented with a series of dilemmas with the Sept. 20 election almost upon us. By Mark Winfield, York University, Canada The Conversation The environment is often a forgotten issue once politicians are on the campaign trail. But this time, propelled by the catastrophic wildfires […]

September 14th

Environmental Justice: People Of Color hurt worst by climate change

Historically excluded racial and ethnic groups, along with low-income and less educated populations will likely face greater harm from the impacts of climate change, an EPA report detailed Thursday. The study comes at the end of a week dominated by devastating climate impacts across the country. By  Nathan Kauffman Nexus Media NewsUnder a scenario in […]

September 7th

Study finds dams are ineffective for cold-water conservation for salmon and trout

For many years, federal, state and corporate proponents of building more dams in California have touted cold water river releases provided by increased water storage  behind dams as a key tool in “saving” struggling salmon and steelhead populations. Yet a just published study by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, Dams Ineffective for Cold-Water Conservation – 8/25/21, has found […]

August 30th

NOAA says atmospheric CO2 levels haven’t been this high in 800,000 years

Bolstering the case for meaningful climate action, a major report released Wednesday found that Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and sea levels both hit record highs in 2020. By  Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Based on the contributions of more than 530 scientists from over 60 countries and compiled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

August 29th

Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods – whatever your local disaster risk, here’s how to be more weather-ready

The approach of summer in the U.S. means that it’s time to be ready for hurricanes and wildfires. The incidence of weather and climate disasters is increasing in the U.S., a trend due partly to climate change but also to human decisions. By Erik Salna, Florida International University The Conversation Since the 1950s, population growth […]

August 21st

Climate Emergency: As Colorado River Basin states confront water shortages and drought, it’s time to focus on reducing demand

The U.S. government announced its first-ever water shortage declaration for the Colorado River on Aug. 16, 2021, triggering future cuts in the amount of water states will be allowed to draw from the river. The Tier 1 shortage declaration followed the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s forecast that the water in Lake Mead – the largest reservoir in the U.S., […]

August 20th

CarbonBrief presents an in-depth Q&A on the IPCC report on climate

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published the first part of its sixth assessment report (AR6), which will form the cornerstone of climate science for the years ahead. Summarizing the “physical science basis” for climate change, the report pulls together the findings from more than 14,000 peer-reviewed studies. By Simon Evans, Josh Gabbatiss, Zeke […]

August 17th

Dr James Hansen: Earth is now far out of energy balance – more energy coming in than going out

July global temperature (+1.16°C relative to 1880-1920 mean) was within a hair (0.02°C) of being the warmest July in the era of instrumental measurements (Fig. 1, left).  That’s remarkable because we are still under the influence of a fairly strong La Nina (Fig. 1, right).  Global cooling associated with La Ninas peaks five months after the […]

August 16th