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Climate deniers sending 100,000 disinformation pamphlets to teachers because they didn’t learn last time

Having failed to get any real traction for their “Climate at a Glance” website, the disgraced and debunked Heartland Institute recently emailed subscribers to let us know they’d be sending 100,000 printed versions of the website directly to professors and teachers around the U.S. This is hardly the first time deniers have tried to simply mail their way into […]

January 18th

Climate denier James Taylor gets everything wrong about Idaho (but at least doesn’t confuse it with Iowa this time)

Back on January 3rd, Boise State Public Radio published a short piece on some reports from a local university about what climate change might mean for Idaho. It links to a 2-page “Snapshot” of the full report’s climate section, and a “Key Findings” summary of the larger report, both of which give the usual sort of overview of how climate change […]

January 14th

War on science: Antivaxxers won’t trust doctors, but WILL drink urine and take testosterone-blocking trans meds?

FAIR WARNING: Today’s Climate Denier Roundup is not really about climate, but instead features a few stories from climate-denier-adjacent communities, where things are just fantastically and amusingly weird, despite the underlying horror of it all. So you may be excused if you’re busy, but … you’ll be missing out on some fun! (And some entertaining […]

January 12th

Is Facebook consulting Ryan Maue, a climate denier too dishonest for even the Trump administration?

In late 2020, a faltering, one-term, failed coup leader and washed-up reality TV host Donald Trump brought two climate deniers into his fact-adverse, racist, and violence-stoking administration: David Legates and Ryan Maue. The pair then did something incredible. When Legates and Maue slapped an official White House seal onto a bunch of climate denial pamphlets they’d produced, it proved a […]

January 10th

‘Don’t Look Up’: Hollywood’s primer on climate denial illustrates 5 myths that fuel rejection of science

Every disaster movie seems to open with a scientist being ignored. “Don’t Look Up” is no exception – in fact, people ignoring or flat out denying scientific evidence is the point. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers who make a literally Earth-shattering discovery and then try to persuade the president to take action to […]

January 6th

War on Science: How to push back against ‘skeptics’ who exploit uncertainty for political gain

The mathematician Kurt Gödel was obsessed by the fear that he would die by poisoning. He refused to eat a meal unless it was prepared by his wife, the only person he trusted. When she fell ill and was sent to hospital, Gödel died of starvation. His death is sad, but also ironic: The man […]

January 5th

Climate denial satire “Don’t Look Up” is now the top film on Netflix worldwide

The new feature film “Don’t Look Up,” a dark comedy satirizing the complacency and mendacity of elites in the face of an existential threat to human civilization, is now the most popular movie on Netflix worldwide, according to data compiled by FlixPatrol. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “Absolutely love to see a climate movie hitting this huge a […]

December 29th

Senate Dems tell Facebook, Google CEOs to fulfill pledges to end spread of climate disinformation

A trio of Democratic U.S. senators have sent a letter demanding that the CEOs of Facebook and Google follow through on their promises to stop the spread of climate disinformation on their platforms. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “The climate crisis poses an existential threat,” states the letter from Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), […]

December 24th

Yes, Androids Do Dream Of Electric Sheeple: Facebook Metaverse Already Breeding Misinfo Bots

Well, dear readers, this will be 2021’s last Denier Roundup, and we endeavor to make it just as wild as this year has been. For example, back in November when talking about Artificial Intelligence that’s finding climate conspiracies, we referenced Philip K. Dick’s Blade Runner-inspiring novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? We asked rhetorically, but it seems […]

December 21st

Actually, you WOULD be better off getting stranded In the snow in an EV

You don’t see whether it’s a wind turbine or gas turbine that sends the electrons to your home, you just plug in your appliances. But lots of people have a very personal relationship with the internal combustion engine, in that the car remains a steadfast relic of mid-century (manly) Americana that we just can’t seem […]

December 20th

Biggest source of climate denial online is industial disinformation, not random idiots

Yesterday on reddit, we happened to notice a “list of recommended alarmist-free sites” and, ever curious about new sources for content, we were eager to check out what sorts of places a regular /r/climateskeptics poster goes for their climate denial. We know who the professionals are, but what amateur climate content might an amateur poster […]

December 11th

CO2 Coalition’s newest member Tony Heller just got kicked off Twitter for covid conspiracies

This is always embarrassing, but we need to correct something in yesterday’s roundup: we described Tony Heller as a “climate conspiracist in denial about being a debunked conspiracy theorist,” who is not formally affiliated with a professional climate denial organization. This was true when we were drafting it on the 8th, but later that day, Heller posted on this blog that he’s now a member of the CO2 Coalition, the […]

December 10th

Man who thinks abortion should be punished by hanging is worried about climate totalitarianism

Back in 2018, the Atlantic magazine hired Kevin Williamson, and then fired him when it became apparent that he believes people who get an abortion should be executed. “I’ve got a soft spot for hanging as a form of capital punishment,” he said on a podcast, as he tends “to think that things like lethal injection are a little too antiseptic.” […]

December 9th

Now with magic crystals! Unwise use of ‘Wise Use’: Meet the new climate denial, same as the old

“It’s not okay anymore to be an outright climate denialist. No one’s going to listen to you.” That’s what Rutgers University professor of media studies Melissa Aronczyk recently told the Washington Post’s Maxine Joselow, for a story about a new study on public relations companies and their work for the energy and environmental industries. By Climate Denier Roundup […]

December 8th

Ghost Authors: Koch climate hoax paper shows peer review can be exploited by bad faith actors

Since our election ghost story proved even more popular than last week’s Alien wobble, we’re keeping this crazy train rolling with another pseudo-supernatural scheme! This time it’s not about candidates that don’t seem to exist, but instead, phantom study authors. By Climate Denier Roundup First, the spooky setting, as exposed by CMD’s David Armiak: in 2020, Charles […]

December 7th