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War on science, climate change denial, and (of course!) Jeffrey Epstein

Wednesday, we talked about how complaints of controversial speech being censored is usually either little more than a request that the oppressed be quiet about their oppression, or a way for deniers to continue arguing against regulations. But there’s more to it than that, particularly when it comes to political correctness in science. For example, on […]

Regurgitating oil industry talking points doesn’t make a climate “debate”

Some might say that the only thing worse than being (deliberately) stupid is being lazy. Fortunately, we don’t have to decide, because climate change deniers are both. Case in point: As you may recall, Nicolas Loris of the industry-funded Heritage Foundation, recently argued that harmful indoor air pollution from gas stoves is no reason to replace them with electric […]

Fossil fuel advocates playing nasty hardball to block clean energy

Yesterday, Sammy Roth of the LA Times published a shocking story of extortion and terrorism in the service of fossil fuels and fighting to stop climate action. Also yesterday, a new group of conservatives who supposedly care about climate action launched. It’s hard to say which appears more insidious. By Climate Denier Roundup On its face, Roth’s story of […]

We can’t do climate action alone (is no excuse for inaction)

All the way back in 2014, we pointed to research showing that denial is driven by a rejection of climate solutions. Last year, we repeatedly warned about how while some on the right, particularly the young, are pushing for real climate solutions, and the industry is pretending to have solutions, the GOP remains committed to fossil fuels, peddling fake solutions and […]

Heartland’s climate-denier anti-Greta is also an anti-semite

In the span of just a few months, Naomi Seibt has gone from making a surprise appearance at a Heartland conference, to denying being a pawn of Heartland, to being on their payroll and speaking at CPAC (the ComicCon of conservative punditry), to being a guest on Fox News.Apparently in their haste to find an Anti-Greta, Heartland either failed to actually […]

Beaten by science, climate change deniers turn to science fiction

Monday, WUWT reposted an entry from Judith Curry’s blog by some random guy named Frank Bosse, discussing a paper published last year and arguing that climate sensitivity is lower than what models (and paleoclimatology) are telling us. We could get into it, but seeing as how the paper was published in Remote Sensing, the journal best known for publishing a denier study by Roy Spencer that was […]

January 15th

Just 88 polluters cause 1/2 of ocean acidification

a new study published last week in Environmental Research Letters attributes half of the observed ocean acidification to 88 major emitters from the gas, oil, coal and cement industries. As coverage at ClimateLiability mentions, several of those crazy 88 are already facing lawsuits related to climate change, including Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips and Total. By Climate Denier Roundup Last […]

December 16th

Climate science denier says he resigned from White House post because officials are ‘brainwashed’

William Happer, the 80-year-old physicist who recently resigned from his post as National Security Council senior director, is in Madrid trolling the U.N.’s COP25 climate conference for the Heartland Institute, one the nation’s leading climate disinformation operations. It’s his usual shtick. By Meteor Blades He left the NSC post in September after his plan to run a “hostile […]

December 4th

Who you gonna believe on climate change – 97% of scientists or random bloggers?

There’s a piece making the rounds in the deniersphere claiming to assess just how bad a worst-case climate scenario could be. The conclusion: there’s “no justification for describing climate change in terms of ‘crisis,’ ‘emergency,’ ‘catastrophe,’ or ‘existential threat’ rather than simply ‘threat,’ ‘challenge,’ or ‘problem.” By Climate Denier Roundup So who is it that’s weighing in […]

November 12th

Scientists aren’t interested in a climate change “debate” with Heartland Institute

Manufacturing dissent and working to cast doubt on established science has always been a cornerstone of organized denial’s playbook (just as it was for tobacco, lead, asbestos, etc.). So in the wake of its failure to get a climate debate from Scott Pruit’s EPA or Trump’s National Security Council, Heartland is attempting to go it alone and put on its own […]

September 18th

Is Congressional GOP coming around on climate change? Not so much….

Remember back in February, when the popularity of the Green New Deal was putting pressure on Republicans to start saying marginally more true things about climate change – like, that it’s real? But then their response was to tout innovation, something GOP pollster and messaging Svengali Frank Luntz suggested back in 2002? And we were like, “hmm let’s […]