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Once again, climate deniers claim science is biased (but you should trust the oil companies)

“Does science drive climate policy or do politics drive climate research?” So begins a recent post at tobacco/fossil fuel/rightwing billionaire-funded Heartland Institute’s google-obsessed ClimateRealism blog by Heartland president James Taylor, whose own brother has more or less exposed that professional deniers like James know full well that they’re lying about climate change. By Climate Denier Roundup “The Democrat-controlled Congress,” Taylor wrote, “is answering […]

September 27th

Pielke Jr. thinks he’s invented the coal-focused climate strategy Sierra Club’s pursued for a decade

Though it may not seem like it, we really try not to talk about UC-Boulder professor Roger Pielke Jr.’s “so bad even Nate Silver had to apologize” takes, unless he’s being used by professional deniers, which is, admittedly, pretty often. And ever since his tin-foil, denier-beloved January 2020 Forbes post about how billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg “corrupted […]

September 22nd

Despite Bjorn Lomborg getting factchecked on his lies, Fox and WSJ invite him to air them anyway

Yesterday, we talked about how Facebook is doing everything it can to look like it’s taking disinformation seriously, short of actually doing much of anything about it, and especially not the relatively easy action of removing bad actors all together. But it’s not just Facebook that seems to delight in ignoring factchecks, which is why — […]

September 21st

Facebook pays factcheckers to stop climate disinformation, but then ignores factchecks

Yesterday Facebook announced “several new measures” for its users to “have access to reliable information while reducing misinformation,” which certainly sounds good. Unfortunately, a new report from Friends of the Earth found Facebook’s factchecking is only catching less than 1% of the disinformation on the platform. By Climate Denier Roundup Which is why it’s so disappointing that none of […]

September 20th

Climate denial reduced to making shit up (and trivial shit, at that)

When it comes to climate disinformation, there are two basic flavors. One is organized denial, spread by people who work on behalf of the fossil fuel industry (directly or indirectly) through one of the vast web of non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and media outlets that are the beneficiaries of the industry’s so-called philanthropy. The other kind […]

September 17th

Climate deniers lie up a storm (Forests have too many trees edition)

The recurrence of conservative anti-vaxx radio hosts getting sick and dying of COVID-19 or, like ecosexual-phobe Todd Starnes, being shocked — shocked he tells you! — to hear President Biden say that Fox News has for months required employees to get vaccinated, has made it clear that there are those who are in on the grift, and those who are swept up in it. It’s become […]

September 15th

Biden’s 45% solar target would SAVE the US $1 trillion, so of course lying deniers say that’s the COST

On Wednesday, hours after the Department of Energy released a report detailing how solar power can meet 45% of the country’s energy needs by 2050, Isaac Orr at the Center for the American Experiment scrambled to churn out one of the first, and worst, estimates of how much it would cost. He then misrepresented the DOE report […]

September 13th

As world burns, PM Morrison says Australia is sticking with coal

Defying a “code red” warning about the climate crisis and sustained pressure to take urgent action on the planetary emergency, the conservative government of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday vowed to continue coal mining.By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Asked at a press conference whether his government would put a time limit on the coal industry, Morrison responded […]

September 11th

WSJ outdoes Brietbart in politicizing medicine after journals call for climate action

The Wall Street Journal is a legacy media institution, one of the most-subscribed-to newspapers in the world, catering to the wealthy investors of its namesake. Breitbart is a blog that spent years laundering Nazi propaganda into mainstream Republicanism. Though some might be inclined to suggest there’s a categorical difference between the two outlets, on climate, […]

September 10th

If you’re going to greentroll Marc, at least be creative, and not violent

Last week, the satirical Onion tweeted a piece written back in 2019, after the last big climate report, joking that “in a desperate, perhaps final attempt” to stop climate change, the report “includes nothing more than the whereabouts of top oil executives and directions to secret weapons caches.” Last-Ditch Climate Change Report Provides Locations Of Weapons, Current Whereabouts […]

September 8th

Who is the “American Taliban”? Climate scientists? Or maybe actual religious fundamentalists?

Hey, remember earlier this month when Newsweek did a 1990s throwback “Debate” between a professional climate denier and a real climate expert? And we were like, “Oh hey remember that not only is Newskweek owned by a cult and often peddles rightwing conspiracy theories for clicks, but also Newsweek’s opinion editor Josh Hammer also happens to be a professional rightwing […]

September 6th

The link between people injecting and butt-chugging horse de-wormer and systemic climate solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is not funny. People are dying, many because they, like many of their elected Republican officials, chose to listen to disinformation instead of real experts. (They’re also sacrificing kids to score cheap political points, but that’s not really new, even though it is very on point for the metaphor to come.) By Climate Denier Roundup But all that doesn’t mean it isn’t objectively […]

Rick ‘Dr. Evil’ Berman uses Washington Examiner to scare hamburger eaters with ‘Environmental wokeism’

Despite the marked reticence among most big green groups to address agriculture’s climate impacts, and Democratic politicians’ outright refusal to do anything but grovel at the feet of farmers due to their place in our cultural pantheon (entwined with white supremacy), the meat industry remains a steady investor in disinformation to make people think that any day now, […]