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War on Science: Michael Mann wins a round in court vs climate change deniers

Michael Mann is the man fossil fuel advocates love to hate. Together with fellow climate scientists Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes, he created the famous “hockey stick” graph in 1999 that predicted a sharp increase in global temperatures as carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increased. That graph became a focal point of Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient […]

June 19th

James Hansen: A monarch butterfly resurgence?

In Quest of a Broken-Wing Butterfly I speculated in 2014 that the Monarch population may have fallen below a critical level.  We did not see more than a single Monarch on any day on our property.  The number of butterflies reaching the mountainous area in Mexico where they hibernate had fallen in the winter of 2013-14 to a […]

September 4th

Just Another Global Warming Video From 1958

“Even now, man may be unwittingly changing the world’s climate through the waste products of his civilization. Due to our release through factories and automobiles every year, of more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide… our atmosphere seems to be getting warmer.” – Dr. Frank C. Baxter (1958)

July 28th