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Could CO2 balance the budget?

The quickest and smartest way to balance the budget is not to destroy America in order to save it. Instead, we could be using smart fiscal policy to increase revenue and steer the economy away from wasteful fossil fuels and toward smart, clean, renewables.

May 26th

Flawed Coal and CO2 Prediction Creates Bitchy Scientist

CO2 emission estimates based on coal and fossil fuel production are pessimistic at best, says new research out of the University of Texas at Austin. A new study by Tad Patzek, chair of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin, has shown that CO2 emission estimates used for government […]

July 26th

Senate Fights For EPA’s CO2 Regulation Power

In the midst of a week when climate change finally stole back some of the spotlight that had been hogged by health care reform for months, the Senate fought off a potentially devastating attempt to emasculate the EPA and its recently won power to regulate greenhouse gases.

September 26th

What is the Carbon Footprint of the President? 41,000 Tons!

The carbon footprint of the President has been estimated at 41,000 tons per year, equal to the annual amount emitted by about 2200 American households. As the new champion of green energy and energy efficiency, should President Obama’s office be looking for ways to reduce his carbon footprint?

April 12th