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Private equity firm sucked millions out of Warrior Coal. Now workers strike for fairness

As Alabama miners continue their seven-month strike against Warrior Met Coal, a trio of U.S. senators on Tuesday sent letters of inquiry to the private equity firms the lawmakers say “made off like bandits” after taking over the company while workers “endured severe cuts to pay and benefits” in order to ensure its success. By Brett […]

November 24th

With his coal holdings exposed, Matt “Sub-Prime” Ridley now pushing covid conspiracies instead of climate denial

About six years ago, British landed gentry Matt Ridley was a recurring voice in climate denial-land, penning long opinion pieces about the never-not-debunked pause in warming, criticizing the now-repeatedly-reproven hockey stick graph and otherwise leeching credibility from legitimate science institutions. But DeSmog’s revelation that his pro-coal and anti-climate lobbying might stem from the millions in annual fees from coal mines on his family estate seemed to put a damper on his eagerness to publish […]

November 24th

COP26: Here’s what it would take to end coal power worldwide

More than 40 countries have signed an agreement at COP26, the latest UN climate change summit in Glasgow, to phase out coal in electricity generation. The signatories include some of the world’s biggest coal burners: Canada, Poland, Vietnam, South Korea, Ukraine and Indonesia. The larger of these economies pledge to cease using coal in their […]

November 8th

COP26 comes up with coal reduction deal (That falls spectacularly short)

COP26 officials on Thursday are heralding developments they say signal that “the end of coal is in sight”—but advocates for strong climate action suggest holding the applause.   By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “Agreed at COP26 is an inadequate agreement that allows coal to continue for nearly 20 more years,” tweeted Extinction Rebellion. “But that’s excluding major […]

November 5th

When he claims he’s not a climate science denier, Joe Manchin is lying through his teeth

Sen. Joe Manchin has made clear that there is no way will he cast his crucial vote for the Democrats’ reconciliation bill if it includes the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), the most powerful part of President Joe Biden’s climate agenda. Thus does the senior senator from West Virginia display his true colors to anyone who was still confused about them. By Meteor […]

October 23rd

China’s energy crisis shows just how hard it will be to reach net zero

As the world prepares to discuss more aggressive cuts to carbon emissions at the UN’s COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, China has just sent out the worst possible advance signal. It is going to loosen restrictions on coal mining in the final three months of the year in response to an energy crisis which has […]

October 18th

A Clean Electricity plan is critical for climate action. Dont let Manchin block CEPP!

Advocates for bold action to slash planet-heating emissions expressed concern Friday and Saturday following reports that a key climate program in the still-evolving reconciliation package may be neutered or taken out completely. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Resistance to the program’s inclusion is coming from Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who, along with fellow rightwing […]

October 18th

Will progress at Climate Week spur more action ahead of COP26?

This year’s UN General Assembly (UNGA) and Climate Week NYC saw several major announcements that injected a much-needed jolt of energy into international climate action. As extreme weather events including devastating wildfires, floods and droughts escalate across the globe, these developments must usher in a new wave of climate commitments between now and the COP26 climate conference […]

October 4th

Coal Is Dead: New global pact announced after China’s bold step

Just two days after Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the world’s largest coal producer would stop funding overseas coal projects, seven countries on Friday pledged they would also cease building new coal power plants—the latest sign one of the world’s dirtiest energy sources is on its way out. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, and […]

September 27th

China used to fund more overseas coal plants than everyone else combined. No more.

Following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement late Tuesday that the country will end its financing of overseas coal projects, climate action advocates applauded the “huge step forward” into a future with far fewer carbon emissions—while pushing China to commit to further action. By Julia Conley Common Dreams In a pre-recorded address at the United Nations General Assembly […]

September 23rd

How world’s coal-power pipeline has shrunk by three-quarters

There is now a broad consensus that unabated coal power generation must be rapidly phased out if the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement are to be met. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sees coal use falling by around four-fifths this decade on a 1.5C pathway. The International Energy Agency roadmap for 1.5C says unabated coal power should end by 2030 in advanced economies and […]

September 16th

As world burns, PM Morrison says Australia is sticking with coal

Defying a “code red” warning about the climate crisis and sustained pressure to take urgent action on the planetary emergency, the conservative government of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday vowed to continue coal mining.By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Asked at a press conference whether his government would put a time limit on the coal industry, Morrison responded […]

September 11th

How laid-off coal miners are reclaiming their own economy

For generations, hundreds of thousands of West Virginia coal miners earned a good living. The money they made supported local economies in towns across Appalachia. And their labor down in deep mines brought light to the rest of the world. But this prosperity came at a high price. Mountains were blown to pieces, rivers ran […]

August 28th

Ohio’s House Bill 6 was a giant step backward for clean energy energy marred by bribary scandal. Let’s repeal it!

This week marked the 1-year anniversary of the revelation of the $61 million bribery and racketeering scandal surrounding House Bill 6 (HB 6). This law removed all energy efficiency standards, slashed renewable energy standards, and continues to provide a bailout for two coal plants built in the 1950s (one of which is out of state). […]

Joe Manchin’s infrastructure bill is a disaster for climate

Public and environmental health advocates on Tuesday denounced Sen. Joe Manchin’s Energy Infrastructure Act of 2021, calling the bill, which proposes spending 70 times more on fossil fuels than renewables, a “kick in the gut to climate justice.” By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Friends of the Earth examined the 495-page bill, a draft (pdf) of which was introduced late last month by Manchin […]

July 14th