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How YOU can help send climate hawks to Congress

By RL Miller We’re building a furious storm to help Climate Hawks Take The House. Four years ago this week, the fossil-fueled Superstorm Sandy struck our nation, killing 160 of our fellow Americans. Millions of people called for swift climate action — but it never came. With Republicans running the House of Representatives, they’ve instead […]

October 27th

Cali primary – Latina climate hawk Nanette Barragan for Congress

By R L Miller In California’s 44th Congressional district, the contrast between the two leading candidates couldn’t be clearer. Nanette Barragan stands for clean air, clean water, and a better future for the working class families of her district. Isadore Hall cozies up to Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and the gambling industry. It’s a very […]

June 5th

Will Typhoon Trump help the Democrats retake the House?

By Jeremy Bloom When Typhoons blow, they make big waves. Just last year, it looked like only a miracle would help the Democrats retake the House of Representatives. But that miracle may be here, in the form of Donald Trump. As Kerry Eleveld writes at DailyKos, “Donald Trump has proven political strategists and pundits wrong on nearly every prediction […]

March 21st

GOP plan Bundy-style public land giveaway to oil, mining and ranching millionaires

By Meteor Blades Two Republican Utah congressmen have introduced a deceptive public lands initiative designed to open a million acres of public land to private interests while pretending to protect other lands under a bogus “wilderness” designation where weakened environmental regulations would make that label a very unfunny joke. For 40 years, extremists have been eager to take over […]

January 21st

Congress unites to protect the oceans from plastic microbeads

By Meteor Blades It’s estimated that 808 trillion plastic microbeads are washed down U.S. drains every day. The vast majority are captured in the settled sludge of sewer treatment plants. But some 8 to 11 trillion of them still find their way into the aquatic environment daily. There, they collect deadly pollutants like PCBs and are eaten by fresh […]

December 24th

Drought bill update: You can’t save delta by pumping more water

By Dan Bacher As Governor Jerry Brown resumes his campaign to build the salmon-killing Delta Tunnels after spending a week green washing his image in Paris at the Climate Summit, Congress is doing its best in Washington D.C. to eviscerate protections for Central Valley and Trinity/Klamath River salmon and steelhead. HR 2898, an agribusiness-backed “drought relief” bill that […]

December 15th

Ted Cruz’s three-hour hearing on climate change a pathetic waste of time except for denier shills

By Meteor Blades As reported at Daily Kos, Sen. Ted Cruz chaired a tendentious Senate subcommittee hearing Tuesday on climate change while negotiators in Paris work long hours to put together a worldwide agreement on controlling carbon dioxide emissions that are warming the planet. Anybody who has even cursorily followed the claims of climate-change charlatans wouldn’t have […]

December 9th

Unlike their damnfool parents, millennials WANT government to work

By Meteor Blades While some politicians want to keep starving government, including money for repairing, restoring and innovating our decaying infrastructure…. Tom Shoop at Government Executive writes: Millennials—More Government, Please: Much has been written about the disgust of the millennial generation with the state of the U.S. political system and about how federal agencies haven’t been able to […]

August 16th

Sunday Train: New Orleans to Orlando

By Bruce McF In this September’s Trains magazine{+}, Bob Johnston looks at the history and current state of play of the eastern section of the Sunset Limited route, running from New Orleans through to, most of the time, Orlando Florida. This is a live topic since both houses have passed Amtrak funding bills, which are currently […]

August 9th