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Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Climate advocates gather with carbon pricing still in play for reconciliation bill

With carbon pricing still under consideration in the Senate version of the Build Back Better Act, Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers gathered for a virtual conference last weekend. The conference kicked off a week of lobbying congressional offices to include a price on carbon in the reconciliation bill that House and Senate leaders hope to pass […]

November 22nd

Dems deserve bragging rights for House passage of Build Back Better

Anybody who follows my views about the Build Back Better bill knows I am ecstatic about its passage in the House even though it is less than a third as big as it started out just a few months ago. We now get to spend a few weeks wondering if Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Synema will get […]

November 22nd

Dem lawmakers, climate groups urge Biden Admin to support children’s climate suit

Four dozen federal lawmakers and scores of advocacy groups on Thursday sent President Joe Biden and other leaders within his administration letters in support of the yearslong climate case that accuses the U.S. government of violating young Americans’ constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and failing to protect essential public trust resources. By Jessica Corbett […]

November 21st

What’s in the Build Back Better Act? An amazing slate of climate action and clean energy

After months of negotiations, the House of Representatives (finally!) passed the Build Back Better Act despite opposition from every single Republican member. Next up: on to the Senate and President Biden’s desk — more on that below. By Morissa Zuckerman Sierra Club It’s hard to overstate the significance of this bill. If passed and implemented, […]

November 20th

Climate Action: House Democrats pass Build Back Better Act with zero GOP votes

Democrats broke out into applause and celebratory chants on the House floor Friday after the chamber passed its version of the Build Back Better Act, a $1.75 trillion package that includes hundreds of billions in funding for climate action, child care, housing, and other longstanding priorities.   By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The legislation’s passage came […]

November 19th

Large majority of voters support Build Back Better and its climate action provisions

A substantial majority of voters support the Build Back Better Act in its current form and strongly support its provisions, a new poll released yesterday by Data For Progress and Invest in America finds. 64% of voters, including 87% of Democrats, 63% of Independents, and 42% of Republicans, support the Build Back Better Act. By Data […]

November 19th

Build Back Better: House set to vote this morning after GOP delay

Progressive U.S. lawmakers are looking forward to an imminent vote on President Joe Biden’s flagship Build Back Better reconciliation bill this morning after the Congressional Budget Office released its estimates for the sweeping package—an analysis that a few conservative Democrats demanded before they would support the legislation. This comes after a lengthy speech by GOP […]

November 19th

Earth Matters: Unmet emissions pledges imperil planet; many local eco-advocates elected on Tuesday

Back in 1972, the Club of Rome-commissioned “The Limits of Growth,” a report that argued the world’s economic system could not continue its current rate of growth because of resource constraints and environmental matters. The report presented various outcomes for what could happen when the growth of industrial civilization collided with finite resources. Without big changes of direction, the authors argued, civilization […]

November 9th

Climate Hawks Vote: The infrastructure bill is good, but it’s NOT a climate bill

Hey folks, I’m going to talk a bit about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that passed Friday night, White House spin, and whether it’s a climate bill or not. You can call money for roads “resilience” and sell it as a climate bill, or you can just call it an old fashioned “infrastructure” bill. By RL […]

November 8th

Congress passes $1T infrastructure bill – but how does the government go about spending that much money?

The U.S. Congress passed an infrastructure bill that funds more than a trillion dollars in nationwide federal spending on Nov. 5, 2021.The bill puts about US$240 billion toward building or rebuilding roads, bridges, public transit, airports and railways. More than $150 billion is slated for projects that address climate change, like building electric vehicle charging […]

November 7th

Media Roundup: House passes bipartisan infrastructure bill. Next stop: Joe Biden’s desk

The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed the House of Representatives Friday night. Here’s what’s in the package. By Meteor Blades So the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed the House tonight. In 10 days or so, we'll get to see whether Sen. Manchin is finally willing to be a team player after forcing the halving of […]

November 7th

House passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (but punts on Build Back Better)

The U.S. House on Friday night passed a bipartisan physical infrastructure bill but didn’t bring the Build Back Better Act to the floor—sending just one half of President Joe Biden’s two-pronged economic agenda to the White House, with only a pledge that conservative House Democrats will vote for the party’s broader social infrastructure and climate package […]

November 7th

“They’re Lying”: Lots of climate misinformation detected during testimony of Big Oil CEOs

Fossil fuel executives who testified Thursday at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing focused on decades of coordinated industry misinformation refused to pledge that their companies will stop lobbying against efforts to combat the climate emergency driven largely by their businesses. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams That joint refusal came in response to a challenge from Rep. Carolyn […]

October 30th

Watch Dems make big oil CEOs squirm under hard questioning

While congressional Republicans on Thursday repeatedly apologized to Big Oil executives for Democrats’ demands that their companies stop lobbying against climate action, progressive lawmakers took turns grilling the fossil fuel industry leaders. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The questioning came during a U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing that featured testimony from top figures at the fossil fuel […]

October 29th

EcoRight climate news for Halloween week

Boo! Here we are cruising through fall. Whatever spooky plans you have for Sunday, nothing is scarier than unmitigated climate change! (I know, that went dark fast…hurry, move on to the next paragraph.) Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must watch: This segment from CNN delves into the history on climate science denialism and features our own Bob […]

October 29th