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Pollution is down, so does that mean coronavirus is good for the planet? Sorry, NO.

As the coronavirus sickens and kills thousands, and forces millions more into unemployment, everyone is talking about it. But many should consider, well, not doing that. There are a lot of takes out there, and way too many of them are bad. By Climate Denier Roundup In addition to the public-health-professional bashing and plastic-promotion that we discussed last week, the right […]

Action: Frontline organizations battling coronavirus need our help!

This global coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in our Sierra Club community in different ways. We know for sure that vulnerable communities—those without access to healthcare, seniors, children, working families and more—are feeling the brunt of the pandemic. By Michael Brune  Sierra Club As schools are closed, eldercare facilities are on lockdown, local government workforces […]

March 23rd

Coronavirus: Could automakers retool to make ventilators? It’s not that simple.

Whether it’s part patriotism, part profit incentive, or part a desire to keep idled auto workers busy, the world’s automakers are saying they could begin making medical ventilators instead of cars. According to CNN, Ford released a statement Wednesday night saying, “As America’s largest producer of vehicles and top employer of autoworkers, Ford stands ready to help […]

March 21st

Trump’s coronavirus foot-dragging continues to imperil front-line health workers

Since before the pyramids were built, good generals have sent their soldiers into battle equipped with the best available arms and armor to take on the enemy and defend themselves. Our “wartime president,” as Donald J. Trump has now glibly titled himself, has nothing in common with good generals. In the past few days, social and other media have spread the word […]

March 20th

We have NO IDEA how bad the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will be

Josh Bivens at the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute writes that, even with a moderate fiscal stimulus, the coronavirus pandemic could cost 3 million jobs by summer. That’s based on Goldman Sachs’ prediction of a 1.25% economic contraction for the first half of 2020. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported Tuesday afternoon that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has warned Republican senators the economic impacts could […]

March 19th

The Coronavirus pandemic and the death of compassion

As things appear now, the world is looking at 2 to 3 months of extreme disruption from the COVID-19 virus. Schools, government offices, factories, and restaurants will be largely shut down. People will attempt to stay 6 feet or more away from all other people for fear of contracting the coronavirus. By Steve Hanley  Cleantechnica […]

March 17th