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Getting to the core of climate change denier’s favorite Greenland ice core graph

If you’ve spent any time in the deniersphere in the last decade, you’ve probably seen this graph purporting that according to ice core data, current temperatures in Greenland are much lower than historical ones. We have known this graph is wrong for a while, but considering it’s still being used, we thought we’d bring everyone’s attention to a new Carbon Brief factcheck. By […]

Don’t expect Trump to Tweet about today’s terrible jobs report (only 20k!)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that the  private sector created 25,000 seasonally adjusted new nonfarm jobs in February against a loss 5,000 in the public sector, for a net gain of 20,000, the lowest tally since September 2017. The median forecast of new jobs by analysts surveyed by Bloomberg on Monday was 178,000. Anyone who worked even a single […]

March 8th

You think the Green New Deal is expensive? It’s LESS than the cost of “business as usual”

To hear the Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel tell it, the Green New Deal would spend trillions of dollars while eliminating jobs, travel, delicious food and family time. In the weeks since the introduction of the Green New Deal, much of the right-wing pushback has mirrored Strassel’s. Pundits have dismissed the projected costs and panicked […]

March 5th

Utilities shouldn’t build ONE MORE natural gas power plant. (The economic argument)

In a report entitled Reverse Power Flow released last year, ILSR warned that the widespread availability of affordable energy storage would have major implications for the electricity market, upending traditional planning. In particular, it suggested that new investments in fossil fuel power plants were likely a bad bet for electricity customers. By John Farrell Institute for […]

March 4th

Study finds 99.9999% chance humans are causing climate change. That’s not good enough for climate deniers.

A new comment paper published in Nature this week celebrates the 40th anniversary of three key pieces of climate science by crunching the numbers to determine that there is a 99.9999% chance that climate change is human caused. In other words, there is only a one-in-a-million chance that the warming we’ve observed is natural. By Climate Denier […]

Cleantech Revolution: Data centers have a role to play in meeting renewable energy goals

What is the environmental impact of paying by Visa? Participating in a Zoom conference call? Reading this article? The information we transmit and store through the seemingly invisible Internet is physically housed in data centers, or facilities companies use for their routers, switches, servers, and other systems vital to operation. Data centers can be massive […]

February 28th

National Climate Assessment: Hurricanes and hospital flooding

Think of a hurricane and you probably picture house-peeling winds. However, flooding usually inflicts the worst damage. Storm surges pose the greatest dangers to human lives and structures, and in damaging hospitals, storm surges can threaten both at once. By Michon Scott Rebecca Lindsey NOAA From Chapter 14 of the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), these maps show potential hurricane-caused inundation in Miami-Dade […]

February 27th

How to keep conservation policies from backfiring in a globally connected world

For many years environmentalists have urged the public to “think globally, act locally” – meaning, consider the health of the planet, then take action in your own community. But this approach can have unintended consequences. In a recent study, I worked with colleagues from academia, government and the nonprofit world to gather examples of fishery, forestry, […]

February 20th

The media is failing us on climate change. What are we going to do about it?

Public Citizen wanted to know which media coverage of topics relevant to climate change garnered significant attention in 2018 — like extreme weather events — and the extent to which media outlets explicitly connected them to climate change. In 2018, only 8% of newspaper articles, 5% of television transcripts, and 16% of online news articles mentioned solutions or […]

February 18th