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The US natural gas industry leaks way more methane than previously thought. Here’s why that matters

Natural gas is displacing coal, which could help fight climate change because burning it produces fewer carbon emissions. But producing and transporting natural gas releases methane, a greenhouse gas that also contributes to climate change. How big is the methane problem? By Anthony J. Marchese, Colorado State University and Dan Zimmerle, Colorado State University  The […]

October 1st

YOU can hold Congress accountable (via the Congressional Research Service)

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is part of the Library of Congress. Founded in 1914, the service provides legislators with nonpartisan analysis and research relevant to policy making. Traditionally, these relatively concise reports were meant solely for Congress, and unless someone leaked one, were not for public consumption. However, as part of the 2018 appropriations package, […]

September 28th

Climate change: Extreme heat caused more deaths than Hurricane Florence this summer

With the term “climate change” used more often than “global warming” these days, sometimes it’s easy to overlook one of the key changes we can expect: extreme heat. This summer, devastating heat waves swept across the Northern Hemisphere. From Japan to Canada, across Europe and the United States, extreme temperatures have taken hundreds of lives. […]

September 19th

Everyone loves renewables, but nobody trusts Trump’s EPA

California’s recent passage of a 100% clean energy bill, coupled with Jerry Brown’s 100% carbon-free executive order, certainly make California a climate leader. But in terms of public opinion, it’s hardly a radical position. Even polling commissioned by the Edison Electric Institute, a utility trade group, shows overwhelming public support for clean energy. EEI is […]

September 19th

The Market Choice Act puts a price on carbon and cuts US emissions – and economic benefits outweigh costs

On July 23, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), the co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus, introduced the Market Choice Act, HR 6463. The purpose of this post is to explore estimates of the economic and emissions impact of the bill. We discuss the general provisions of the bill, the economic and energy models used to evaluate it, […]

September 17th

How does partisanship drive climate policy? Social psychologists explore the answers.

What role does partisanship play in environmental policy? How can we motivate more action? Social psychologists Dr. Leaf Van Boven of University of Colorado and Dr. David Sherman of Stanford study exactly that. Their inspiring and timely work has recently appeared in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, the New York Times, and now on Citizens’ Climate […]

September 15th

100% renewable energy requires less land footprint than fossil fuels in California

SB 100, a bill now pending in the California legislature, would transition California to 100% zero-carbon, effectively all renewable, electricity by 2045. Our studies provide a way to do this for all energy sectors (electricity, transportation, heating/cooling, and industry). Robert Bryce, a Senior Fellow of the Manhattan Institute, a think tank that has been well […]

August 27th

How to cherry-pick data to PROVE “global cooling”

The climate science statistician and blogger by the name of Tamino ran a post last week with an intriguing headline question: “USA Temperature: can I sucker you?” In the post, Tamino shows how the sausage is made in Steve Goddard’s recurring graphical misrepresentations.  (Recall that Goddard claims on his “Deplorable Climate Science Blog” and Twitter that summer temperatures and the […]

100 state and local governments pass resolutions for Carbon Fee and Dividend

As of last Friday, CCL has officially generated 100 state, county and municipal resolutions in support of our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal. These resolutions come from towns and cities all across the country, like Eureka Springs, Arkansas; San Luis Obispo, California; Pittsboro, North Carolina; Syracuse, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From tiny towns to huge […]

July 27th