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Polluting Pruitt’s latest stupid idea: a TV debate on climate science

Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency-hating chief of the EPA, wants to have a televised debate among scientists on climate change. When my colleague Mark Sumner read the news about this, he pictured a climate Thunderdome in which two scientists enter and a hunk of the public leaves still believing that there really is a debate to be had. By […]

July 12th

GOP Miami debate liveblog – little Marco Rubio’s last stand

By Jeremy Bloom with contributions by Alex Samuels The final four candidates –  Little Marco Rubio, Big Donald Trump, Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Grampa John Kasich – are gathered tonight for what will likely be the last time in the GOP Miami Debate. And we’re liveblogging the battle! Watch the livestream here as you follow along […]

March 10th

Watch tonight’s Univision debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (full video and transcript)

By Jeremy Bloom Surging with the energy of his surprise victory in last night’s Michigan Primary, Bernie Sanders once more engages with Hillary Clinton in tonight’s debate. It was a tough but (mostly) fair exchange, mostly hitting upon differences (and common ground) on policy, ranging from energy to immigration to climate change to Wall Street. […]

March 9th

Bernie Sanders says Americans are sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails

By Jeremy Bloom Echoing the feelings of just about every American outside the Tea Party, Bernie Sanders jumped down Anderson Cooper’s throat when he got all snippy about the Hillary Clinton e-mail non-scandal (seven investigations and still no “there” there!). It was the most-tweeted moment  of last night’s Democratic Debate: “… I think the secretary is right,” he […]

October 14th

Romney’s Final Debate

There are less than 3 weeks to go before election day. The final debate is tonight. The audience, is huge. The first debate turned what looked like a Barack Obama steamroller into an uncomfortable (for those of us cheering on the steamroller) horse race, with Romney polling higher than Obama nationally for most of the […]

October 22nd

Second debate: Fact checking Romney’s lies

  We’ll try to catch the lies as they go by… (Watch the debate here. Read the full transcript here. See our post-debate analysis here.) Romney laughed as he said “Government does not create jobs”. One reason unemployment is still so high is because of the loss of more than 500,000 public sector jobs, cut by cash-strapped states. […]

October 16th

Mitt Romney and His Magical Mystery Tax Policy

Well, it was quite a debate. We laughed, we cried…we winced…we wondered: Did Obama really let that BS stand?… We heard some surprising news from Mitt Romney too.  It turns out that what he’s been saying all along about his tax policy was incorrect!  Mitt Romney is going to cut everyone’s taxes by a lot, […]

October 5th

David Brin: Dissecting Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch Moment

By David Brin Could the traits of a good president — unflappable calm, sober deliberation and dedication to facts — prove lethal to presidential candidate Barack Obama?  Last night’s first presidential debate showed us “no drama Obama” at his most wonkish, and the world called it a good night for Mitt Romney… …whose agility onstage was stunning in […]

October 4th

Reaganizing the Romneybot: Watch the debate live!

The Romney campaign has been busy leaking strategy to the media as we head into tonight’s debate. In a classic of low-expectations-setting, they say the goal is to “humanize” Romney (certainly not go into detail on his actual policy positions – an area they’ve been avoiding like the plague, since Romney’s actual policies are about […]

October 3rd

Tonight’s debate: Unusual topics

By David Brin Who among us doesn’t yearn to ask questions at the presidential fora?  Poking at both candidates, shaking the routine of canned talking points and practiced answers?  Sure, I have a firm preference. But separately, How I wish that I could ask the following: 1) Mr. President and Governor Romney. There is a crime afoot that’s been […]

October 3rd