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The switch to EVs will either be a disaster for legacy corporations – or an opportunity

At CleanTechnica, we see the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as a certainty and indeed, consumers are voting with their wallets for EVs in countries like China, the United States, and Norway. As the world transitions to connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles, the brand new internal combustion vehicles being sold to buyers around the world […]

November 20th

There’s a big hole in diesel emissions that can kill you. Pruitt says that’s great.

They call them “gliders.” They are big rigs built and sold without engines, transmissions, and rear axles. Then they are supplied with these items from salvage yards and wrecked trucks, and the engines are totally rebuilt down to the core. Rebuilt engines that, thanks to a loophole, aren’t required to meet limits on emissions from diesel-fueled trucks because […]

February 15th

Volkswagen’s costs from Dieselgate: $30 billion and counting.

Volkswagen’s cumulative costs related to the ongoing diesel vehicle emissions cheating scandal now total around $30 billion (~€25 billion), following the company’s report that it was booking an additional €2.5 billion provision, related to hardware fixes for affected vehicles in the US. By James Ayre  These hardware fixes are “proving tougher than expected,” a company spokesperson […]

October 1st

What is the difference between gas and diesel engines?

With all the emissions scandals surrounding Volkswagen, Mercedes, Fiat, and even Harley-Davidson, we’ve been talking a lot about diesel engines in the last year, but how many of our readers really understand how diesel engines work compared to gas engines? How many of them really understand how a conventional four-cycle engine works in the first place? By Jo Borrás […]

September 3rd

VW exec behind diesel cheat gets prison time

James Robert Liang, an engineer at Volkswagen, has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for knowingly working to cover up the fact that the German automaker was cheating on diesel emissions tests. The sentence also carries a fine of $200,000, which was an even steeper punishment than prosecutors had initially requested. By Jo Borrás  “The […]

August 29th