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Fossil fuel investments and hawkish foreign policy Among serious issues progressives have with Susan Rice as possible VP pick

As Democrats await a vice presidential pick from party nominee Joe Biden, progressives are pointing to Susan Rice’s past fossil fuel investments—including stock in the company behind the Keystone XL Pipeline—and her hawkish foreign policy as reasons to disqualify her from the running. By Lisa Newcomb Common Dreams “The financial disclosure reports reflect at worst […]

August 10th

Vatican’s call for divestment is a breath of hope in times when faith is more needed than ever

In an unprecedented move, this week the Vatican issued its first-ever set of comprehensive environmental guidelines. The document is the fruit of a collaboration across all Vatican departments and suggests concrete ways for the Church to implement Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, including a call to all Catholic institutions to “avoid supporting companies that harm […]

June 21st

New Vatican document urges fossil fuel divestment to serve planet and the common good

A new 226-page document issued by the Vatican on Thursday was applauded by climate campaigners who said the new environmental guidance from the Catholic Church and Pope Francis, including a call to divest financially from the fossil fuel industry, exemplifies the positive and far-reaching role that  faith organizations can play in the global effort to […]

June 21st

Global banks are supporting climate disaster

The evidence is in: Global banks don’t fight climate change, they support climate disaster. Despite the warnings coming from scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), they continue to invest in the fossil fuels industry.   By Claude Forthomme Impakter Yet warnings have intensified in the last two years, starting with the October 2018 IPCC […]

June 20th

Renewable Roundup: Green finance

Rule One of Green Finance: Fossil Foolishness has become vastly more expensive than wind, solar, storage, and so on, and increasingly unprofitable. Rule Two: When you talk about Real Money, even the most hidebound practitioners have to take notice. Not those who are paid to deny reality, of course. But those profits are looking increasingly […]

June 11th

Finance Climate Challenge: Challenging the financial sector to get out of dead-end fossil fuels

Ahead of oil and gas giant ExxonMobil’s virtual annual shareholders meeting Wednesday morning, scores of international climate, human rights, faith, and Indigenous groups launched the Finance Climate Challenge, calling on the global financial sector to “end its support for fossil fuels and climate chaos.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Unveiled Tuesday, the challenge urges investors—including asset managers, pension funds, and […]

Banks have put $1.9 TRILLION into fossil fuels since 2015. End the money pipeline!

In 2008, the big banks crashed the economy through reckless, predatory lending. Twelve years later, they’re working to do something even worse: crash the planet. With every dollar they invest in fossil fuel companies, big banks and asset managers make the climate crisis worse. And they’ve invested a lot of dollars. By Michael Brune Sierra Club Executive Director  […]

January 28th

Why are banks still funding dead-end fossil fuel projects? Bill McKibben wants to know…

Bill McKibben is an indefatigable climate activist and an implacable foe of the fossil fuel industry. The founder of, he has been arrested more times than Mike Tyson. His latest encounter with so-called “law enforcement officers” occurred on January 10th when he and a small group of climate protesters blocked an ATM machine at a […]

January 14th

Movement to divest from fossil fuels hits $8 TRILLION

Writing in The Guardian this week, Bill McKibben, the tireless climate activist and founder of, reports this bit of good news — the global movement to convince institutional investors to divest fossil fuel stocks from their portfolios is making extraordinary progress. The latest converts to the divestment movement are major French and Australian pension funds and […]

December 19th

Triple bottom line: Natural Capital needs to be considered as part of profit/loss

Most people want their financial advisors to supply them with information essential to their portfolios so they have a small competitive advantage. It’s also important to many small investors today that their transactions are generating benefits to “natural capital” — clean air, oceans, ecosystems, and minerals on which our goods and services so often depend. […]

October 21st