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Dr. James Hansen: Why are you optimistic?

Why are you optimistic, I have often been asked since I wrote Young People’s Burden, which describes the steep climate and energy hill that we are leaving for young people to climb. Two weeks ago I noted the Students Government Leaders’ Statement on Carbon Dividends, a bipartisan statement by 350+college student government presidents from all 50 states.  Scroll down […]

August 17th

Dr James Hansen: It’s all hunky-dory, but… Regional climate change and national responsibilities 2

Well-meaning souls, (including my friend Michael Shellenberger) rightfully concerned about the effect of “gloom-and-doom” talk on young people, say that everything is hunky-dory, climate change impacts are exaggerated (they often are) and climate change is not a serious threat (unfortunately, it is). By Dr James Hansen and Makiko Sato Let’s look at reality, real data […]

July 7th

Dr James Hansen: Bending the curves on coronavirus and climate change

Coronavirus experience has educated the public about scientific concepts that are relevant to climate change.  ‘Delayed response’ – days and weeks for Coronavirus, decades and centuries for climate change –  makes both problems difficult and dangerous.  Delayed response, in a system that has amplifying feedbacks, can lead to exponential response that is difficult to control. […]

April 16th

James Hansen: The pace of global warming is accelerating (and that’s even more bad news)

Climate models indicate that at least a weak El Nino will begin this (Northern Hemisphere) winter; observations show that warming in the tropical Pacific has begun. This implies that the current La Nina minimum global temperature has bottomed out and the 12-month running mean global temperature will begin to rise during the next few months. Global temperature minima […]

October 16th