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Court rules against Chevron in $18 billion Amazon pollution case

Well, it was worth a try. After losing an 18-year long legal battle over the horrific pollution oil operations left in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, Chevron convinced a friendly New York judge to rule that it didn’t have to pay. But yesterday the Federal Appeals Court overturned that decision. So Chevron is back on the hook for upwards of $18 billion in damages.

September 21st

Chevron hits new low in corporate irresponsibility

Chevron issued its Corporate Responsibility report this week. But it’s the stuff they leave out that takes this from a positive report card to an epic failure. The good news: The oil giant claims to have done lots of awesome good stuff, including Achieved safest year in company history Reduced total energy consumption by 33 […]

May 6th

Chevron sues Amazon natives it poisoned with toxins

Real classy, Chevron. Not content with ruining the lives of thousands of indigenous people across the Amazon by poisoning the land they live on and the water they drink, Chevron is suing them. Hunh? You heard right. Chevron is suing Amazon tribesmen whose only crime was imagining they might get Chevron to take responsibility and clean up […]

February 14th

Drilling in the Amazon

Unlike the debate occurring over exploration in the ANWR, the Western Amazon is located in a remote part of the South American continent, rather than in one of America’s states. As a result, while there is immense pressure on local leaders to open the region up for drilling, as these can be important sources of government revenue for nations that are part of the global South, there rarely is the same level of pressure to avoid actions with potentially huge environmental costs as there is in the U.S.

August 19th

Oil Companies’ Shareholders Reject Activist Proposals

Chevron’s annual stockholder meeting held at company headquarters in San Ramon, California, has become a magnet for criticism in recent years as environmental and human rights groups use it to voice their grievances with the company. This year was no different, as protesters with HAZ-MAT suits and paper brooms labeled “Clean Up Chevron” greeted shareholders […]

May 30th