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Renewable Roundup: Want to bring down the price of your EV? 80% are leased.

EVs have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCOE) than gas guzzlers. But so far, they have higher purchase prices. Leasing evens out the purchase price with lower maintenance and repair costs. There are also subscription deals for some electrics. Well-structured leases have other advantages. By Mokurai The least-expensive electric car to lease this month […]

May 12th

World’s first zero-emissions electric construction site!

Even in cities like Oslo, Norway, which is typically thought of as progressive and “green” here in the ‘States, more than 20% of the total CO2 emissions comes from heavy-duty construction equipment. That’s a huge number, and you can bet that older, less regulated machines in other major cities are even worse. That fact has motivated the […]

April 9th

The EV revolution is about to get messy

Those of us who have followed the electric vehicle market for several years (or, for some of you, decades) can easily get complacent about where the EV revolution is and where it’s headed. We can be lulled into a semi-sleeping state by monthly sales reports, by routinely seeing EV market share of 1–2% in some […]

August 22nd

How soon will EVs totally demolish fossil fuel vehicles?

We have other, much longer, much more detailed articles coming about this, and I have to recommend those over this one. But there’s also something useful about a short, simple message. While editing Nicolas Zart’s review of the Kia Niro EV, one line jumped out at me and triggered this story.   By Zachary Shahan “From Oct […]

February 23rd

Electric vehicles: What to consider when planning for EVs

What should electricity system regulators keep in mind as electric vehicle ownership and infrastructure both continue to grow, impacting communities and the electricity system locally and statewide? This month, we had an opportunity to submit comments to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commision to inform a regulatory process overseeing the rapid growth of electric vehicles. By Marie Donahue Institute […]

August 9th

West Coast electric highway provides a model for the nation

At Yes! Magazine, Erika Lundahl writes—The West Coast Electric Highway Enables Zero Emission Road Trips By Meteor Blades The West Coast Electric Highway—one of the longest electrified corridors in the world—is demonstrating that electric vehicles are here for the long haul. In 2008, the West Coast states of California, Oregon, Washington and the province of British Columbia all […]

July 22nd

Can Big Oil transition to an Electric Vehicle world?

Big Oil and its allies are doing what they can to delay the day of reckoning, but it’s just a matter of time before fossil-powered vehicles join sailing ships, horse-drawn carriages, and bowler hats in making the transition from “necessary” to “nostalgic”. By Charles Morris  EVANNEX. Recognizing that they can’t beat ‘em in the end, three Europe-based […]

July 21st