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Updated species extinction list signals urgent action needed to save life on Earth’

The U.S.-based Center for Biological Diversity warns of the “urgent action needed to save life on Earth” in response to a new global assessment revealing that nearly 27% of over 120,000 analyzed plant and animal species are now threatened with extinction. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “This assessment shows that one in four mammals are […]

July 25th

Australia wants to build a huge concrete runway in Antarctica. Here’s why that’s a bad idea

AAD Shaun Brooks, University of Tasmania and Julia Jabour, University of Tasmania The Conversation Australia wants to build a 2.7-kilometre concrete runway in Antarctica, the world’s biggest natural reserve. The plan, if approved, would have the largest footprint of any project in the continent’s history. The runway is part of an aerodrome to be constructed […]

July 19th

Watchdog accuses Trump’s NOAA of choosing extinction for critically threatened right whales by hiding scientific evidence

As the North Atlantic right whale was placed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of critically endangered species Thursday, environmental protection groups accusing the U.S. government of bowing to fishing and fossil fuel industry pressure to downplay the threat and failing to enact common-sense restrictions to protect the animals. By Julia Conley Common Dreams […]

July 13th

Australia: Without urgent intervention, koalas face extinction in New South Wales

Koalas in the Australian state of New South Wales will be extinct before 2050 “without urgent government intervention,” a new report warns. The report, released Tuesday, is the result of a year-long parliamentary inquiry examining the state of the animal and their habitat. The multi-party committee tasked with the effort was led by Greens Member of the Legislative […]

In blow to Trump, Federal appeals court upholds Endangered Species protection for Yellowstone grizzlies

Conservation and tribal groups scored a legal victory Wednesday after a federal appeals court rejected the Trump administration’s bid to remove endangered species protections for Yellowstone-region grizzly bears. The ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which upholds a Montana district court’s decision, means grizzlies in the national park and surrounding area won’t be subjected […]

6 Animals brought back from the brink of extinction in the past decade

Sustainability is all about finding new ways to protect the planet. You might conserve natural resources or recycle more, but you should also think about how people can help the animal kingdom. Animals survived throughout most of history without depending on people, but now human pollution and hunting habits have brought some species to near […]

June 18th

Snowy 2.0 threatens to pollute the rivers of Australia and wipe out native fish

The federal government’s Snowy 2.0 energy venture is controversial for many reasons, but one has largely escaped public attention. The project threatens to devastate aquatic life by introducing predators and polluting important rivers. It may even push one fish species to extinction. Schopier/Wikimedia By John Harris, UNSW and Mark Lintermans, University of Canberra The Conversation […]

April 27th

Ancient trees from age of the dinosaurs nearly wiped out in Australia bushfires

Ancient trees in Australia were devastated by the recent bushfires there. Nightcap oaks have lived through a lot, but humanity’s influence could completely wipe them out. By Johnna Crider Cleantechnica Along the southern edge of Australia’s Nightcap Range, 200 or so gray trees were the last ones standing as the continent-crushing fires were finally put out. […]

March 18th

Salmon fishermen blast Trump admin’s war on science

The Trump administration continues to suppress scientists who disagree with  the anti-science dogma promoted by Big Ag, Big Oil and other corporate interests. In the latest foray in the war on science, federal salmon biologists’ warnings about dangers to Chinook salmon and steelhead poised by planned increased water diversions by the Central Valley Water Project have been suppressed […]

August 22nd

California water wars: The Sacramento Delta is a water colony of SoCal and Big Ag

Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Discovery Bay), co-chair of the Legislature’s Delta Caucus, spoke out in frustration when his bill to increase local representation on the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) died in a committee hearing after Southern California water special interests lobbied against it. By Dan Bacher The DSC consists of seven voting members; only one of […]

April 18th

Boom! Delta Tunnels got approval to kill endangered salmon; Earthjustice sues.

Four environmental groups on Friday, September 22, filed a lawsuit challenging the Brown administration’s permit to kill endangered salmon and smelt in the Delta Tunnels, two massive water tunnels proposed under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. By Dan Bacher The Center for Biological Diversity, Bay Institute, Natural Resources Defense Council and San Francisco Baykeeper filed the suit in California Superior Court in Sacramento, represented […]

September 28th