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‘The Future Does Not Belong to You,’ Climate campaigners say to Big Oil after cancellation of Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Following years of widespread grassroots opposition led by vulnerable local communities and national environmental organizations, two U.S. energy behemoths on Sunday abruptly cancelled the planned Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a sprawling project that would have transported dirty fracked gas along a 600-mile route through West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “Today […]

PR Shop Accidentally Includes Chevron Disclaimer I Anti-Green New Deal Pitch

With environmental and climate groups finally making a bigger push to address environmental racism, and standing in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives, deniers have found their very clever response: it’s not pollution, but environmental policies that hurt Black communities. By ClimateDenierRoundup To be fair, when people like industry-funded CFACT’s Paul Driessen talk about how renewables […]

The Sierra Club stands with immigrants -This country needs dreamers

Last week, nearly 700,000 DACA recipients were granted a major reprieve from the Supreme Court, which ruled that the reasons the Trump administration had given for terminating the program were “arbitrary and capricious.” DACA allows young people who came to this country before age 16 to get driver’s licenses, work authorizations, and college educations. Now, the […]

June 22nd

Environmental injustice is even worse than we thought

As our nation searches its soul for a response to racial injustice in policing, it must also reckon with profound environmental injustice. New research shows that a handful of egregiously polluting facilities account for the vast majority of toxic releases and that a disproportionate share of these facilities are located near black and brown neighborhoods. By David Coursen […]

June 21st

Environmental Justice: Chronically underfunded Indian Health Service means death for many Navajos with COVID-19

On Friday, the Navajo Nation, the largest American Indian reservation by geography and population, reported 92 new cases of COVID-19 and five deaths. That brings the corresponding totals to 6,470 with 303 deaths, with no end in sight. You can see the Navajo Department of Health’s take on it at Dikos Ntsaaígíí-19. By Meteor Blades On a per capita […]

June 17th

California tribes applaud as Sutter statue taken down

The Statewide Coalition Against Racist Symbols (SCARS) and numerous social justice partners invites the community to celebrate the removal of the John Sutter statue and join a community conversation about ending the glorification of Indigenous genocides to “De-Sutter” Sacramento on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 5 PM, at Sutter Fort State Park in Sacramento.  By Dan […]

June 16th

Native American tribes’ pandemic response is hamstrung by many inequities

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is novel, but pandemic threats to indigenous peoples are anything but new. Diseases like measles, smallpox and the Spanish flu have decimated Native American communities ever since the arrival of the first European colonizers. Now COVID-19 is having similarly devastating impacts in Indian country. Some reservations are reporting infection rates many times […]

June 14th

Bayonets and live bullets. That’s what DC BLM protesters almost faced (They got flash bangs and pepper rounds)

As my colleague Mark Sumner pointed out earlier, the National Guard troops called up for duty in controlling the protests in Washington, D.C., were ordered to be tough and aggressive. This wasn’t done, as one might expect, to please Donald Trump, who encourages violence against dissidents in the streets the way he incites people to rough up […]

June 13th

Linking climate change policy to social and economic justice makes it more popular

Amid persistent calls for a green and just recovery from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests against systemic racism and injustice, researchers on Friday detailed recent studies showing “policy packages that address the climate crisis alongside income inequality, racial injustice, and the economic crisis are more popular among voters.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The protests sparked by Minneapolis police […]

June 13th

Renewable Roundup: Microgrids in Puerto Rico

Trump hates Boricuas/Puerto Riqueños at the best of times. In addition, FEMA is, by law, not permitted to rebuild the storm-shattered energy grid in PR with distributed solar and wind power, our topic today. Malignancy plus mandatory foolishness pile disaster on each natural disaster. It is going to take Joe Biden’s people years to get […]

June 12th

Witnesses tell House hearing how the Coronavirus pandemic has spotlighted environmental injustice

Two congressional committees held hearings Tuesday that raised the matter of environmental injustice amid the national protests and the conversation about systemic racism sparked by the killing of unarmed, handcuffed African American George Floyd two weeks ago. As long as the Senate remains under Republican control, of course, the chances any legislation will pass Congress are slim […]

June 11th

BLM: Climate change deniers continue to play the victim (while indigenous activists are murdered)

Between removing statues of slavers, Andrew Sullivan not being allowed to publish his literally white-supremacist take on the George Floyd protest, the Philly Inquirer’s editor resigning over an “All Buildings Matter” headline, James Bennet’s resignation as the New York Times editorial page editor after his failure to even read, much less edit or fact check, Tom Cotton’s call for the military to Ohio protesters, and Roger Pielke Jr.’s assessment […]

Nationwide protests against police violence are encouraging, but there’s a tough fight ahead

Braving the still raging coronavirus and the potential for being tear-gassed and bloodied by unprovoked cops showing their skill with billy-clubs, in cities large and small, hundreds of thousands of mostly masked Americans turned out Saturday to express their opposition to police violence and to grieve and show their support for the family of George Floyd, the hand-cuffed […]

June 8th