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Executive Responsible for Spill Arrested!

It’s a great headline. But it’s not related to BP’s Gulf Oil disaster – nobody involved in the biggest single pollution incident in US history has even come close to being arrested, never mind going to jail. Nope, this headline is from Hungary, where a factory’s storage facility failed last week, sending a wave of […]

October 12th

YOUR Beer with Obama

Unless you spent last week celebrating Apollo 11’s fortieth anniversary cut off from the world in your backyard model of the lunar module, you are no doubt familiar with the story of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s arrest two weeks ago, the “race in America” sturm and drang that surrounded the story last week, and the headline-grabbing role President Obama stumbled into at the end of his prime time presser.

July 27th

Generational High Crimes and Misdemeanors

The conservative blogosphere, led by up and coming right wing-nut Michelle Malkin have been frantically pushing to label the stimulus package the “Generational Theft Bill,” and impressionable republican’s on the hill are echoing this ill-conceived branding quip. Generational Theft? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

February 12th