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Climate Brief: EPA employees union joins call to declare a climate emergency

At least 38 countries have officially declared climate emergencies. And since last December, many activists have called upon President Biden to do the same in hopes this will provide the White House with means to address the situation in ways that Republicans and a few Democratic enablers in Congress absolutely refuse to do. By Meteor Blades At COP26 […]

November 23rd

Big Ag furious after EPA determines top herbicides driving vulnerable species toward extinction

As Big Ag fumed Monday over a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency determination that herbicides including the endocrine-disrupting atrazine and carcinogenic glyphosate are likely to harm more than 1,600 protected plant and animal species, environmentalists pointed to the agency’s findings as proof of the need for stricter limits on the use of the dangerous poisons.   By Brett Wilkins […]

November 16th

Biden to restore key elements of ‘bedrock environmental law’ NEPA that Trump gutted

Environmental defenders on Wednesday applauded the Biden administration’s proposal to reinstate key elements of one of the United States’ foundational environmental laws a year after former President Donald Trump gutted the measure, while emphasizing that the proposal is just a first step toward reversing the damage done by the previous administration. By Julia Conley Common Dreams […]

October 7th

Evangelicals call on EPA to strengthen car emission standards – It’s the pro-life path!

On the final day of comments, 15,750 pro-life Christians submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of its proposed rule to strengthen the emissions standards for passenger cars and light trucks. The rule, if implemented, would significantly curb greenhouse gas emissions from America’s tailpipes for all model year 2023-2026 vehicles. By the […]

Koch network loves to downplay the valuable benefits of climate action (while playing up the costs)

A coalition of Koch and other industry-funded groups recently submitted a comment on the EPA’s proposed automotive greenhouse gas emission standards, written by CEI’s Marlow Lewis and Patrick Michaels, along with Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Dayaratna. By Climate Denier Roundup Given the millions of dollars in fossil fuel industry funding behind the 11 groups whose logos grace the top of the comment […]

Once again, elections have consequences: EPA rule cuts climate-crashing pollutant HFCs

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday finalized a rule long pushed for by climate campaigners that slashes the use of chemicals identified as “super-pollutants” that are commonly used in air conditioners and refrigerators. The Biden administration announced a new rule requiring the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) be cut by 85% over the next 15 years, implementing a […]

September 24th

The EPA is banning chlorpyrifos, a pesticide widely used on food crops, after 14 years of pressure from environmental and labor groups

On Aug. 18, 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will end use of chlorpyrifos – a pesticide associated with neurodevelopmental problems and impaired brain function in children – on all food products nationwide. Gina Solomon, a principal investigator at the Public Health Institute, clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco […]

September 1st

GOP wants to defund the police! (Policing of polluters by the EPA)

For a party that claims to “Back the Blue,” Republicans have been surprisingly anti-police this year. First it was the insurrection on January 6th, where conservative hatred of democracy and lust for power overcame their supposed respect for law enforcement, leaving scores of Capitol police wounded in the course of doing their job protecting elected officials […]

ExxonMobil convinced the Obama EPA to allow toxic PFAS precursor chemicals in fracking fluid

The EPA approved dangerous chemicals that break down into PFAS for use in fracking in 2011, according to records obtained by Physicians for Social Responsibility and reported by the New York Times. Despite EPA scientists having identified preliminary evidence that the toxic, carcinogenic, and birth-defect-linked substances could degrade into those ‘forever chemicals’ and persist in […]

July 14th

Trump’s War on Science persists within EPA as staffers allege chemical reports altered

Four scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency are alleging that the “war on science” is continuing under the Biden administration, with managers at the agency altering reports about the risks posed by chemicals and retaliating against employees who report the misconduct. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The government watchdog Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) filed a […]

July 8th

EPA to explain why climate deniers were dumb to challenge endangerment finding

From the opening days of the Trump administration, deniers were eager to have the federal government reconsider its 2009 finding that climate change poses a danger to human health. Known as the endangerment finding, it’s the scientific basis, and thus legal justification for climate policies, and therefore a prime target for organized denial. Despite the actual science getting […]

Evangelicals encouraged as EPA defends creation from methane

The Evangelical Environmental Network and its body of 200,000+ pro-life Christians who support a strong fugitive methane standard are grateful to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their announcement to begin the process to develop a proposed rule to reduce methane and other harmful pollutants from new and existing sources in the oil and natural […]

EPA data kept secret under Trump shows climate crisis becoming ‘More evident, stronger, more extreme’

During its four years in power, the oil-friendly Trump administration kept the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Change Indicators page completely frozen, suppressing an updated assessment of how the planetary emergency is affecting the United States and other parts of the world After four years of dormancy — as a part of @POTUS's commitment to scientific quality and transparency […]

May 16th

Hydrofluorocarbons: Biden’s EPA proposes phasedown of climate super-pollutants

As the Biden administration faces pressure to step up its climate action, the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday announced its first rule to tackle the global emergency—a proposal to reduce planet-heating chemicals commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning by 85% over the next 15 years. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The EPA’s proposed rule on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)—which are thousands of […]

May 5th

EPA is restoring California’s authority to set stronger car and truck pollution standards

The Environmental Protection Agency will restore California’s authority to set stronger car and truck pollution standards, the agency announced Monday. The move will undo what Administrator Michael Regan described as a “legally dubious … attack on the public’s health and well-being” by the Trump administration in 2019. By Nexus Media News EPA’s announcement came days […]

April 28th