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The flowers you buy your mom for Mother’s Day may be tied to the US war on drugs

What does Mother’s Day flowers have to do with cocaine? Very little, most people would think. But as an economist, I often explain to my students that the world is economically connected, often in strange ways. The flower business is one of those strange economic connections. By Jay L. Zagorsky, Boston University The Conversation Mother’s Day, […]

Better agriculture via the “no plow” farming movement

21st century farming is a miracle of modern science. Every year, farmers around the world pour millions of tons of pesticides and fertilizers on their fields. Giant corporations like Dow and Monsanto employ flotillas of researchers to create more chemicals they can sell at tremendous profits to the farming community. And every year, the ability […]

April 27th

The dirt on soil loss from the Midwest floods

As devastating images of the 2019 Midwest floods fade from view, an insidious and longer-term problem is emerging across its vast plains: The loss of topsoil that much of the nation’s food supply relies on. By Jim Ippolito, Colorado State University and Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University Today, Midwest farmers are facing millions of bushels […]

April 17th

Back to the Earth: Carbon farming and the Green New Deal

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not coal-fired power plants and internal combustion engine transportation that emit the majority of greenhouse gases — it’s industrial agricultural food production. But that could change, as the Green New Deal has major implications for the food system. By Carolyn Fortuna Cleantechnica When we do a close reading of the full text of the […]

March 9th

The food revolution: Five Black farmers and researchers share their thoughts on how to change the food system to work for everyone.

Half a century ago, the world saw a seismic shift in agriculture, as farmers began planting high-yield crops and using synthetic fertilizers to grow more food. The Green Revolution, as it’s known, saved hundreds of millions from starvation, but it also ushered in an era of industrial farming that has eroded the health of people and […]

March 2nd

A Green New Deal would also provide huge opportunities to America’s farmers

his month, a group of Democratic lawmakers called for an ambitious plan for the United States to reach net-zero carbon pollution in 10 years. While experts debate whether the proposal is technologically or politically feasible, the so-called Green New Deal is about more than shifting to cleaner, more advanced forms of energy sources. It’s also about shifting to more traditional […]

February 19th

Farmers in Trump country are already getting screwed by climate change (as well as tariffs)

Climate change is having an impact on farming communities all across America and its effects are threatening to disrupt the way farmers earn their living, according to a research study by scientists at Cornell University. Many believe farmers are climate change deniers but that is a misconception. Because they make their living from the land, they are […]

December 13th

Farm Bureau uses farmers to push anti-climate agenda that hurts farmers

Yesterday, InsideClimate News launched a series on how the American Farm Bureau Federation has, for decades, lobbied against climate action, generally in tandem if not direct coordination with the fossil fuel industry. By Climate Denier Roundup The Farm Bureau is ostensibly a lobbying group serving America’s farmers, giving the impression that its constituents are the sort of […]

October 25th