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Hurricane Irma: Why can’t Floridians use their own solar panels for power when the grid is down?

A controversy is brewing in Florida following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. Many people in the state thought their rooftop solar systems would keep the lights on and the air conditioning running even after Irma knocked out power to millions of customers in the state. But it didn’t quite turn out that way. By Steve Hanley  In […]

September 22nd

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders showdown in Ohio, N. Carolina, Florida, Illinois, and Missouri primary results

By Jeremy Bloom + Alex Samuels HILLARY WINS – Florida, North Carolina, Ohio SANDERS – leading in Missouri, close in Illinois  On the Democratic side of today’s primaries, there are two distinct possibilities: Hillary Clinton could sweep all five major races (Ohio, Florida, Illinois, N Carolina and Missouri). Or it could be a mixed decision, […]

March 15th

Florida doubles down on dinosaur fossil fuels

By Meteor Blades Twenty-nine states across the nation have mandatory renewables portfolio standards in place. These require that a certain percentage of electricity consumed in the state be generated by renewables—solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, hydropower—by a certain date. Seven other states have non-binding standards. Some of these RPS are aggressive, so much so that […]

December 1st

Express high-speed rail is sexy

By Bruce McF Indeed, high-speed rail is sexy enough that when Big Oil propagandizes against it, they have to paint it as too expensive or something that America is too incompetent to handle, since the idea of sitting in an actually comfortable rail seat, watching a movie on a laptop or snacking on a sandwich […]

June 10th

GOP rejects rail, voters reject GOP

How are the GOP governors who rejected high-speed rail projects doing? Buyer’s remorse has set in spectacularly swiftly – from Wisconsin to Florida, their approval ratings have a trajectory like locomotive plunging off a trestle.
The bad news: Those states handed the GOP the car keys and said “YOU drive for the next four years”. Now they’re stuck with the results.

May 26th

Bad publicity from animal cruelty? Ban publicity…

In two states, bills are making their way through the legislature that will deal with bad publicity affecting factory farms in a novel way.

It turns out that folks don’t like to buy meat if they hear about the horrible, inhumane way in which it’s been raised. But rather than clean up their act, big ag has decided the problem isn’t disgusting business practices – it’s videos of disgusting business practices. So they’ll make THOSE illegal.

March 29th

High speed rail not dead yet in Florida

The pandering and posturing continue on high-speed rail. In Florida, Tea Party-backed governor Rick Scott ended weeks of dithering Wednesday and outright rejected the $2.4 billion in Federal funding for the Orlando to Tampa line, calling it a “boondoggle” the state couldn’t afford in these tough times. He follows in the footsteps of GOP anti-rail […]

February 21st