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Why is “progressive California” pulling the plug on a law to divest pension money from fossil fuels?

Climate, environmental, and social justice advocates on Tuesday condemned the decision by a Democratic California lawmaker to kill proposed legislation that would require two of the state’s leading pension funds to divest from the fossil fuel industry. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams “Today amidst a historic mega-drought, wildfires, and fossil-fueled public health crises, Assemblymember Jim Cooper, […]

June 22nd

Fossil fools to SEC: Please ignore our stranded assets!

Friday saw the deadline for submitting comments to the Security and Exchange Commission about a proposed rule that would require companies to disclose their climate-related emissions and financial risks, and the climate-related emissions industry has been hard at work trying to make it look like there’s real grassroots opposition to the measure. (The latest in their […]

Thanks to soaring oil prices, fertilizer costs are up – that’s an opportunity for more sustainable agriculture

Farmers are coping with a fertilizer crisis brought on by soaring fossil fuel prices and industry consolidation. The price of synthetic fertilizer has more than doubled since 2021, causing great stress in farm country. This crunch is particularly tough on those who grow corn, which accounts for half of U.S. nitrogen fertilizer use. Kathleen Merrigan, […]

June 15th

Earth Matters: After Ukraine, voters want climate solutions (hibernating is for bears, not leaders)

As the climate crisis continues to alter our future and the fallout from the war in Ukraine boosts energy prices and threatens efforts around the planet to prevent, ameliorate, and adapt to various aspects of the crisis, a survey by Greenberg Research shows American attitudes about the situation has shifted since a year ago. Asked which […]

June 15th

The EU has set a partial ban on Russian oil. What’s next for cutting off Putin’s fossil fuel lifeline?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced Europe to rethink its energy policy – especially its deep dependence on Russia for about one-third of its fossil fuel imports. The European Union has negotiated a plan to partially ban imports of Russian oil, although questions remain about issues such as the timing of an embargo and what […]

G7 countries pledge to cut off new public financing of fossil fuels THIS YEAR

Stressing that concrete action—not just lofty rhetoric—is still needed, climate groups cautiously applauded G7 climate ministers on Friday for vowing to cut off new public financing for fossil fuels by the end of the year, a move that would help tackle a major source of oil and gas industry funding. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams A 39-page communique issued Friday […]

May 28th

Oil in the backyard: More than 17 million Americans directly threatened by toxic fossil fuel infrastructure

Roughly 17.3 million people in the United States, including nearly four million children, live within a half-mile radius of active oil and gas production, which puts them at increased risk of suffering severe health problems from toxic air pollution. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams That’s according to the Oil & Gas Threat Map, a geospatial analysis released […]

May 25th

Fossil Fuel companies have a secret weapon: How treaties could allow them to suck BILLIONS of free money from the US and EU

Fossil fuel companies have access to an obscure legal tool that could jeopardize worldwide efforts to protect the climate, and they’re starting to use it. The result could cost countries that press ahead with those efforts billions of dollars. Rachel Thrasher, Boston University; Blake Alexander Simmons, Colorado State University, and Kyla Tienhaara, Queen’s University, Ontario […]

Ending fossil fuels: EU moves to block Putin’s bloody oil and gas

The European Commission announced Wednesday a proposed phaseout of all Russian oil imports over a six-month period as part of a fresh package of sanctions to make President Vladimir Putin “pay a high price for his brutal aggression” in Ukraine. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams The announcement came as climate campaigners continue to urge the U.S. and E.U. to respond […]

May 6th

Russia’s weaponization of natural gas could backfire by destroying demand for it

In December 2006, The Economist magazine published a cover drawing of Russian president Vladimir Putin, dressed like a 1930s gangster in a dark suit and fedora hat, under the headline “Don’t Mess with Russia.” Putin held a gasoline nozzle, gripping it like a machine gun. The target presumably was Europe, which relied heavily on Russia […]

Ukraine War is the opportunity to end fossil fuels, if Biden is willing to take it

Over 520 organizations told President Joe Biden on Wednesday to urgently “end the fossil fuel era” and commit to a rapid renewable energy transition rooted in justice and a more peaceful world. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams The demand was delivered in a letter that points to a “cascade of emergencies” currently facing humanity including the climate crisis and Russia’s […]

April 28th