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American Conservation Coalition takes a clean energy message to Fox News (Video)

Clean energy is part of the solution: Our friends from American Conservation Coalition Campus, the American Conservation Coalition’s advocacy arm, rolled out a week-long ad campaign airing on Fox News, emphasizing the importance of clean energy to the coronavirus recovery efforts. “How we rebuild is how we’ll be remembered,” the narrator states. “Join the young conservatives fighting […]

June 22nd

Insurance companies understand climate risk — So why are they funding Fox’s climate change denial?

A new report from Media Matters found a handful of major national insurance companies are “top sponsors” of Fox News, staying loyal to the station’s climate and COVID-19 denial even after many major brands have dropped the channel due to its embrace of white supremacism. By Climate Denier Roundup  As the report points out, the insurance […]

Fox news kills (Coronavirus denial, climate change denial)

This week, the Washington Post won a Pulitzer prize for its excellent explanatory reporting on climate change, and a bunch of other great climate and environment stories were recognized as finalists. Unfortunately, TV news has yet to catch up with their written counterparts. By Climate Denier Roundup Also last week, Media Matters for America released a report on the state […]

Fox News and Koch-funded DailyCaller fail to smear AOC in gotcha politics

That the Koch-funded Daily Caller is more of a right wing propaganda machine than a news outlet is hardly a novel conclusion, but we would be remiss not to highlight a video post from last week.  The aim of the piece is to accuse Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of hypocrisy. The Caller’s headline asks why AOC drives to work when she doesn’t have to, […]

Right-wing bloggers freak out as Occupy Oakland storms and “vandalizes” Chase Bank

It’s a great headline, isn’t it? Carries menacing implications of jack-booted thugs, militant attacks and wanton destruction. There’s only one problem – it’s not true. Yes, another bunch of Occupy Wall Street protesters got a little carried away, engaged in behavior inside the branch that should have been kept outside, and someone actually threw a […]

October 24th

Is the Dark Lord a snake… or a Fox? Harry Potter vs Rupert Murdoch

Harry Potter is well on his way to total global domination (of the box office) just as Rupert Murdoch, the Dark Lord of Fleet Street, appears to be losing his domination of global media.

Murdoch – owner of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal in America and similarly right-wing news outlets in England and his original home, Australia – has fallen over a major wiretapping scandal.

Like Voldemort, the man who once made Ministers (of the Exchequer, if not Magic) tremble is trying to save the last of his crumbling empire as his aides drop like smashed horcruxes.

July 17th

The networks aren’t talking about greenhouse gas regulation

Media Matters studied news reports on greenhouse gas regulation by the EPA. Not surprisingly, 76 percent of the guests the networks brought on to speak were against acting on climate change. It’s no wonder Americans are confusing on the issue, and support for action has been dropping.

But the full story is even worse. Check out the chart above, and the thing that jumps out: It’s only Fox News and Fox Business that are even talking about this. The so-called liberal media hasn’t had the balls to even mention the issue on the air.

June 7th

Exposed! Justin Bieber Proves Global Warming a Hoax!

How does bullshit propagate on the Internet? Easily. Some guy says something crazy – like “Justin Bieber loves him Sharia Law” or “Most scientists don’t believe in global warming.” Then a few people repeat it. Suddenly it’s everywhere. And for well-meaning folks who haven’t actually looked that deeply into things, it just looks like there’s […]

December 31st