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Oregon bans fracking (but big oil still controls California)

In contrast with California where every bill to ban or impose a moratorium on fracking has been defeated under heavy political pressure by Big Oil, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law a five-year ban on fracking for oil and gas exploration and production on June 17. By Dan Bacher HB 2623, sponsored by Rep. Julie Fahey and […]

June 19th

Oil shale project would be a disaster for the Colorado River Basin

Andrea Germanos at Common Dreams reports on a topic I covered extensively in the 1980s for several publications, including two limited-circulation publications Inside DOE and SynFuels Weekly: oil shale. Not shale oil. By Meteor Blades The difference is that shale oil is liquid crude trapped in tiny pores in the rock that can be extracted via high-pressure hydraulic fracturing. Oil shale contains […]

May 20th

How big oil dominates the public discourse to manipulate and deceive

For the past decade, California has been portrayed as the nation’s “green leader.” This myth has been promulgated by the Governor’s Office, state leaders, regulatory agencies, compliant media and most importantly, by the powerful oil industry itself. Yet, in spite of the grandstanding of California officials at international climate conferences, California seriously falls short on […]

April 27th

Don’t frack California!

California politicians constantly portray the state as the nation’s “green leader,” but in fact California is a major oil and natural gas producer. Since 2011, California regulators under Governor Jerry Brown approved over 21,000 new oil and gas well drilling permits throughout the state, including over 200 offshore wells in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. […]

April 11th

Judge orders moratorium on offshore fracking in federal waters off California

U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez today ordered the Trump administration to stop issuing permits for offshore fracking in federal waters — waters over 3 miles from shore — off California. This order is an important step in addressing the expansion of fracking off California, but it doesn’t impact state waters within 3 miles from shore, where most of California’s […]

November 10th

Don’t frack so close to me: Colorado voters will weigh in on drilling distances from homes and schools

Coloradans will vote on a ballot initiative in November that requires new oil and gas projects to be set back at least 2,500 feet from occupied buildings. If approved, the measure – known as both Initiative 97 and Proposition 112 – would mark a major change from their state’s current limits: 500 feet from homes […]

September 27th

Jerry Brown’s last challenge

If Donald Trump could take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as efficiently as he sucks oxygen out of the news cycle, the climate crisis would be solved fast than you can say “Mexico will pay for that wall.” Unfortunately, even as we deal with the Trump administration’s daily cascade of corruption, crudeness, and cruelty, […]

August 7th