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Puerto Rico blackout shows need for environmental justice

The power outage in Puerto Rico is on track to become the second largest blackout in world history, surpassed only by the outage from Hurricane Haiyan. As climate change worsens and sea levels rise, we can expect more damage from hurricanes, as higherstorm surge reaches much further inland. And climate change is already contributing to increased hurricane activity in the North […]

Florida votes to ban fracking (unlike California)

While Governor Jerry Brown continues to support an expansion of fracking and offshore drilling in California, the Florida Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation committee today voted 10-0 to pass SB 462 to prohibit “advanced well stimulation,” commonly known as fracking, throughout the state. By Dan Bacher This strong showing of support for a state-level fracking ban by the […]

February 6th

New holiday animation: Watch Cali’s Jerry Brown shower gifts on the fossil fuel industry

As a satirical songwriter, I really appreciate a well-written and nicely-performed song. As Jerry Brown keeps promoting his pro-Big Oil and pro-Big Gas environmental policies after receiving over $9.8 million from oil and gas companies and utilities, Consumer Watchdog released an animation featuring Governor Jerry Brown and an updated “Twelve Days of Christmas” song highlighting […]

December 26th

War on Science: Fracking is contaminating our water and hurting our kids. Thanks, Jeff Sessions!

As Emily Atkin writes in her latest piece about current EPA nominee Bill Wehrum, who failed to be confirmed by the Senate in 2006, Trump and Pruitt have shown thus far that they are following in the George W. Bush’s anti-science footsteps. While we’re far from knowing the full consequences of the current administration’s pro-polluter agenda, […]

November 18th

COP23 press conference will expose Jerry Brown’s dirty oil ties

The media has been publishing glowing reports about California Governor Jerry Brown’s climate tour of Europe for COP23  this week – even as the Brown administration continues to promote fracking, a Big Oil-written cap-and-trade program, the pollution of San Joaquin Valley aquifers with oil wastewater and the environmentally destructive Delta Tunnels. By Dan Bacher In his […]

November 9th

Fracking industry loves Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer might be among the least trusted public figures in the U.S. After he lost his job as White House press secretary, all five major TV news networks — including both Fox News and CNN, as well as CBS News, ABC News, and NBC News — declined to hire Spicer as a paid contributor, with network insiders reportedly telling NBC News, Spicer had a “lack of credibility.” His attempt to rehabilitate […]

October 4th

Quakeland – how fracking earthquakes could make OK the next oil-driven eco-disaster

Kathryn Miles, author of the new book Quakeland: On the Road To America’s Next Devastating Earthquake, has written a piece at Politico on the kind of subject most people don’t think about until after a disaster. She explores what would happen if a big earthquake struck at or near Cushing, Oklahoma, a crossroads of 14 major oil pipelines and […]

September 14th