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No Fracking In New York Says DEC

Residents of New York state need not worry, there will be no fracking in New York. The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) banned the practice by issuing the final document needed to ban the practice. The state DEC has studied the controversial practice for seven years leading up to yesterday’s ban of high-volume […]

June 30th

You won’t believe how much big oil spends on lobbying (to get billions in subsidies)

A new chart released by Stop Fooling California reveals that the oil industry, including the Western States Petroleum Association, Chevron, BP and other oil companies, spent $56.63 million on lobbying at the State Capitol in the five years from 2009 through 2013.  “It’s enough to spend $471,000 on each California Senator and Assemblymember,” according to, […]

April 2nd

Not one drop of water for fracking California!

Apparently responding to recent articles written by Adam Scow of Food and Water Watch and others about the insanity of using water for fracking during an unprecedented drought, the oil industry has fired back with its standard response claiming that the oil industry uses insignificant amounts of water for fracking and is going out of […]

February 24th

In a drought emergency, why is California pushing fracking?

While over 100 protesters held signs and banners asking Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking outside of the State Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday, the Governor in his State of the State Address promoted the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the peripheral tunnels – which would funnel water OUT of Northern California – as […]

January 24th

James Howard Kunstler – The end of pretend

By James Howard Kunstler If being wealthy was the same as pretending to be wealthy then people who care about reality would have a little less to complain about. But pretending is a poor way for a society to negotiate its way through history. It makes for accumulating distortions which eventually undermine the society’s ability […]

December 30th

How to fry a planet – spend way more on fossil fuel than renewables

The good news – investment in renewable energy is up. The bad news – we’re still spending WAY more money on old-fashioned, dirty, carbon-heavy, climate-killing fossil fuels. In his article at TomDispatch, How to Fry a Planet, professor Michael T. Klare points out, According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), an inter-governmental research organization based in Paris, […]

August 9th

Californians hate fracking (but may get stuck with it, anyway)

A new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) reveals that the majority of Californian residents oppose expanded fracking in the Golden State. Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) employs huge volumes of water, mixed with sand and toxic chemicals, to blast open rock formations and extract oil and gas. The technique is environmentally destructive, resulting […]

August 2nd

EPA chickens out on fracking report

The good news: The EPA came up with a report that seemed to prove beyond a doubt that fracking was contaminating groundwater. The bad news: There was so much whining and moaning about the report on the part of industry (those guys who are, you know contaminating your groundwater) that the EPA has decided they […]

June 27th

California caves to big oil, kills fracking moratorium

The power of the oil industry in California was demonstrated on Thursday, May 30 when the State Assembly voted 35-24 to kill a bill originally designed to halt fracking throughout the state. Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President of the Western States Petroleum Association and former Chair of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative to create so-called […]

June 2nd

We told you so – Fracking causes earthquakes

It’s been apparent for a couple of years, but a new study in the journal Geology has the smoking gun – fracking does indeed cause earthquakes. Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) pushes deep pockets of gas to the surface by injecting a nasty chemical brine deep into rock layers. Then the wastewater is re-injected as well. […]

March 27th

Can Australia frack its way to energy supremacy? Not so fast…

There have been reports of a huge energy find in the Australian outback. Some outlets are breathlessly reporting the shale oil reserves around the tiny town of Coober Pedy in the Arckaringa region could be worth $20 trillion. But there are a few problems with that idea – starting with the basics: Shale oil means […]

March 5th

Fracking liars: So much for energy independence

We’re told over and over again that we just HAVE to approve every imaginable oil and gas project in order to achieve energy independence for America. So how come the minute they get approval, the companies turn around and immediately demand the right to export all that energy? From coal to tar-sands oil to coal […]

February 5th