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Fukushima disaster could have been prevented, says new study

By Jeremy Bloom With cleanup barely begun four years after the Fukushima disaster, a new study looking at the run-up to the worst nuclear meltdown in history says it could have easily been prevented. While most studies have focused on the response to the accident, we’ve found that there were design problems that led to the disaster […]

October 2nd

Fukushima update – Nuclear reactor nearly under control?

The next time an American company pushing nuclear power tells you “We have safeguards in place! We know what we’re doing! We can handle emergencies!” … keep this in mind:

It’s four months in to the Fukushima disaster, and some of the best engineers in the world have things “nearly under control” – which means the temperature is down to the boiling point of water, it’s not leaking too much, and it’s not going to explode (probably).

July 14th

After Fukushima, Wikileaks points to the disasters waiting to happen

If a techincally-advanced country like Japan with a reputation for exactitude can suffer from one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, should we be a litttle more worried about places where security and infrastructure are poor to non-existent and corruption is rampant?

That’s the theme of a special report compiled for Reuters, based on diplomatic cables assembled from the Wikileaks treasure trove. And it’s kinda scary.

June 9th

Downwind from the bomb… how we nuked Utah

In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster – in which both Japanese and American authorities have consistently downplayed the dangers – it’s worth taking a look at where we have come from.

For the past 60 years, our government has over and over again insisted that there was nothing to worry about, that radiation levels were too low to cause any harm, and there was no cause for alarm.

Years later, often after battles in the courts, it has turned out that they were lying through their teeth. Their priority wasn’t public health and well-being – it was to preserve their atomic program at all consts and to prevent panic – justifiable panic, as it turns out.

Japan admits total meltdown, says it was unprepared for Fukushima disaster

Considering that the Fukushima nuclear reactor complex is still leaking high levels of radiation nearly three months after the disaster and meltdowns, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that Japan was totally unprepared to deal with it.

But it’s encouraging that, after months of downplaying the dangers and offering uberoptimistic assessments of progress, the Japanese government is finally admitting the truth:

June 8th

Fukushima radioactivity highest in three months

It’s been three months since the crisis began at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactor complex, and they’re no closer to cleaning up the radioactive mess. In fact, things may be getting worse.

Japan’s NHK TV broadcast a hellish image of radioactive steam billowing out of cracks in the reactor floor. They also reported high levels of radiation.

Tokyo Electric Power Company inspected the inside of the No.1 reactor building on Friday with a remote-controlled robot.

TEPCO said it found that steam was rising from a crevice in the floor, and that extremely high radiation of 3,000 to 4,000 millisieverts per hour was measured around the area. The radiation is believed to be the highest detected in the air at the plant.

June 5th