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DC earthquake shuts down nuclear power plant

August 23rd, 2011 | by Jeremy Bloom

How safe are American nuclear power plants? Today's DC earthquake was dangerously close to the design limit for a nearby power plant... and one out of four backup generators failed. That's really not good enough

Fukushima update – Nuclear reactor nearly under control?

July 14th, 2011 | by Jeremy Bloom

The next time an American company pushing nuclear power tells you "We have safeguards in place! We know what we're doing! We can handle emergencies!" ... keep this in mind: It's four months in to the Fukushima disaster, and some of the best engineers in the world have things "nearly under control" - which means the temperature is down to the boiling point of water, it's not leaking too much, and it's not going to explode (probably)

High levels of radioactive strontium found near Fukushima

June 13th, 2011 | by Jeremy Bloom

More bad news from Japan - in the wake of last week's revelation that 3 of the 4 reactors had gone into meltdown and beyond, we now learn that high levels of radioactivity - in particular, particles of strontium 89 and 90 - are being found in groundwater and sea water around the facility, and even further than 60 miles away

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