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50 years of Earth Day Posters, 1970-2020

Earth Day 1970 (Pogo via Walt Kelley) (Earth Day 1970 by Robert Leydenfrost, via Click Americana) ->Next Poster Unfortunately, with the current coronavirus economic meltdown, we’ve lost our primary funding source. So we’ve set up a Patreon Page: Become a Patron! You can also make a one-time or recurring donation via PayPal – anything helps, […]

April 22nd

Tesla Model 3 owner goes green on St Patrick’s Day

Remixing the look of a Tesla can be subtle or bold. Many of the most eye-catching Tesla mods are prowling the streets of South Florida after leaving Signature Custom Wraps. And often the most stunning Tesla transformations are found on social media. I recently stumbled across an especially striking Tesla from a Model 3 owner in California’s Bay Area with the handle, Unmatched_Tesla_Model3, on Instagram. By […]

March 17th

Suru makes a really fun electric scooter/moped hybrid

The electric vehicle (EV) world was a small community a decade ago, with only a handful of survivors lasting to today. This is the story of how the amazing Amarok electric motorcycle racer led to the SURU electric bicycle (e-bike).   By Nicolas Zart Cleantechnica SURU Went From Racing the Amarok Electric Motorcycle To Producing […]

March 2nd

Do you want an all-electric Fun Utility Vehicle? Of course you do!

Arcimoto, the designer and manufacturer of the fully electric, three-wheeled, two-seater Fun Utility Vehicle, has rolled out the fully loaded ‘FUV Evergreen Edition’ that comes with all sorts of new goodies to truly blow the lid off the FUV experience. By Kyle Field Cleantechnica The FUV Evergreen edition comes packed with options including heated seats […]

February 9th

Snappy answers to annoying electric vehicle questions

Now that I’ve been driving an electric vehicle (a Tesla Model S) around on a regular basis for a few weeks, I’m getting bored with the most common questions. Over and over again… By Zachary Shahan  “How far can you drive?” “How long does it take to charge?” “How fast can it go?” (max speed) “How […]

July 22nd

The Simpsons skewer Trump (with guest appearances by Comey and Richard Nixon)

Trump has been getting dissed by everyone from faux-Frenchie Colbert to Frenchie-par-excellance Macron. But for down-home American dissing, there’s nothing that beats the good folks from Springfield – the crew at The Simpsons. By Jeremy Bloom How bad can it get for Trump? A ghostly and grateful Richard Nixon floats into Trump’s White House bedchamber and […]

May 30th

Stephen Colbert contrasts Obama’s “scandals” with Trump’s disasters (video)

Remember the good old days, just a few short years ago, when the Presidential “scandal” was  Obama saluting a Marine while holding a latte? Stephen Colbert harkens back to those simpler times By Jeremy Bloom Of course, it’s hard to believe that the scandal that rocked the Clinton White House in Bill’s first 100 days was… […]

May 23rd

Build your own Straight Outta Compton meme

By Jeremy Bloom This is fun! Play around with Dr. Dre’s Straight Outta Compton meme-generating site and see what you can come up with. Because #BlackMemesMatter, too! If you make something good, share it with us here, or on our Facebook page (and why don’t you like our Facebook page while you’re over there?)   […]

August 17th