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How many 911s on Obama’s watch? None!

By Congressman Alan Grayson In all of the speeches that I heard in Charlotte last week, I didn’t hear anyone praise President Obama for what might be his greatest accomplishment – getting us through almost four years, without some terrible national tragedy. Consider some of the things that happened during the previous Administration: (1)    The […]

September 11th

New-Clear? Palin Speechwriter Still ‘Hooked on Phonics’

In what is either another sign that the McCain camp is angling for more distance from George W. Bush, or that they are trying to reframe the nuclear issue in a different light, speechwriters for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin inserted the phonetically modified neologism, “new-clear,” in place of the word “nuclear,” on Wednesday night. I should also mention that Ms. Palin’s speech was written by one of President Bush’s speechwriters.

September 4th

Bush Lifts Executive Ban on Offshore Drilling – Why it Matters and Why it Doesn’t

In a largely symbolic move, President George W. Bush ordered to lift the Executive Order banning the drilling of offshore oil wells in the U.S.. But opening up offshore oil drilling would not have an immediate impact on oil prices because oil exploration and development takes years, not months. And second, because there is no way of guaranteeing that any petroleum yielded from offshore projects will remain in U.S. markets.

July 14th