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IMF: Climate crisis is driving the world toward economic meltdown

Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of International Monetary Fund, warned Friday at a speech at the Peterson Institute for International Economics that rising inequality and the climate crisis have the whole planet headed toward yet another financial disaster. By Meteor Blades DailyKos Andrea Germanos at Common Dream writes—IMF Head Gives ‘Stark Message’ of Looming Inequality-Fueled Global Financial Disaster: […]

January 20th

James Howard Kunstler – Money meltdown

By James Howard Kunstler The basic operating system of global banking today is… accounting fraud. And it has become that way stealthily, insidiously, for about fifteen years now. Nothing is what it appears to be anymore. What remains are games of musical chairs, Ponzi schemes, frauds, swindles, stonewalls, ruses, ploys, scams, dodges, bluffs, subterfuges, QE […]

March 25th

Kunstler’s 2013 forecast part 3: It doesn’t get any better than this

By James Howard Kunstler (Monday we talked about the ghost of peak oil past; yesterday we talk about the fracked-up global present, and today we take a look at what is yet to come, and make a few predictions.) Woe to Markets Between government and central bank interventions, accounting fraud, control fraud, the computer hugger-mugger of algorithmic trading, […]

January 2nd

James Howard Kunstler: As the world burns, America remains in a Kardashian trance

By James Howard Kunstler The world gave the appearance of doing nothing and going nowhere over the past month – apart from the sensational liaison of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, which, some believe, augurs a dazzling speed-up of the much prayed-for economic recovery, return to full employment, $2.50 gasoline by summer, and the selection […]

April 22nd