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Seven more lead-poisoned families sue over tainted Flint water supply

By Meteor Blades Seven families have filed another federal lawsuit over the Flint water crisis in which an unknown number of people have been poisoned by lead. The lead leached from water pipes due to corrosive river water after the city switched its water source in 2014. Lawyers for the families seek to hold city and state officials responsible for […]

March 7th

The best medicine for Flint – and America

By Michael Brune Dxecutive Director, Sierra Club You have to look hard for good news about the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan — but it’s there. There was last Sunday’s #JusticeForFlint benefit show, which set out to raise $100,000 and netted close to $150,000 with a surprise appearance by Stevie Wonder. The event, which featured […]

March 3rd

MI Gov Snyder lawyers up in Flint lead poisoning crisis

By Meteor Blades At a cost to taxpayers of nearly half a million dollars, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has contracted with two outside attorneys regarding the Flint lead poisoning crisis, an administrative spokesman announced Thursday. One of them, reports Paul Egan, is a criminal defense attorney who will serve as “investigative counsel.” The investigatory counsel’s task includes digging through and processing emails […]

March 2nd

When you ignore science, children get poisoned – the Flint Michigan disaster

By Meteor Blades Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was alerted to Flint’s water-quality problems early on, but delayed taking action because he didn’t care about the damage to people’s health from lead poisoning. The story of malignant negligence in the Flint Michigan disaster keeps getting worse. In a review of 550 emails released by Michigan’s Republican Gov. […]

February 26th

Florida doubles down on dinosaur fossil fuels

By Meteor Blades Twenty-nine states across the nation have mandatory renewables portfolio standards in place. These require that a certain percentage of electricity consumed in the state be generated by renewables—solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, hydropower—by a certain date. Seven other states have non-binding standards. Some of these RPS are aggressive, so much so that […]

December 1st

Why we will never win the debate on climate change (planes full of illegal Moslems!)

When one party is reality-resistant, you can’t have a discussion about things that are, you know…. real. That’s why the national dialogue is currently in the toilet – not a lack of bipartisanship. ALSO MAYBE PART 2? The right wing (and their big oil bankrollers) are happy to promote the myth that there’s still a […]

February 7th

David Brin – GOP war on science, shutdown edition

By David Brin The Shut-down goes on. What’s the GOP’s real aim? They see a winning hand, here. So far, every time an important constituency – or one that is symbolically powerful, like military death benefits – has howled loudly enough, the House has scurried to pass a special bill and demand quickie Senate action to […]

October 14th

David Brin: Can Saint George Soros (or some other gazillionaire) save America?

By David Brin Mention George Soros anywhere on the far-right and you’ll get fulminations.  To Republicans, Soros is an aristocratic mastermind who swore to “spend whatever it takes” to end the Bush-Neocons’ grip on political power in America… a vile plutocrat, striving to trample the will of plain-folks, along with the populist GOP that protects them. Glenn Beck […]

February 19th

Are your genes telling you which way to vote?

By David Brin A recent study published in Trends in Genetics suggests that a person’s genes may affect their later political thinking and views of the world almost as much as his circumstances or upbringing do, and far more than many social scientists have been willing, until recently, to admit. It seems that the degree to which you […]

October 25th