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Jim Hightower – Where did the GOP go? Their 2020 platform is one word: Trump

With our national election looming, someone should put up “lost dog” signs in every neighborhood saying, “Missing: Republican Party Platform.” Voters won’t find one though, for this so-called major political party has decided not to produce a specific statement of what it stands for this year, nor will it offer to voters an itemized set of […]

September 13th

Bill Weld calls the extinction crisis a national emergency (yes, he’s running against Trump)

Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld of Massachusetts is the first to publicly announce that the wildlife extinction crisis should be declared a national emergency. Bobby Bascomb, host of the Living on Earth radio program, recently asked Weld: “Environmental groups want to create a national emergency, essentially, around the issue of biodiversity loss. How do you […]

February 22nd

GOP propose modest climate change plans – deniers completely melt down

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s proposals to tweak the U.S. approach to the climate crisis have collided with the lying propagandists at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Club for Growth Action, the American Energy Alliance, and individual Republicans like the head of House Freedom Caucus. By Meteor Blades All these have weighed in against anything […]

February 21st

Like the GOP’s trillion trees climate plan? Wonder why its supported by the logging industry?

Two years ago, when California’s deadly Camp Fire killed 85 people, President Trump and the GOP responded with a strategy that came straight from the logging industry: That the solution to fires is to cut down more trees. Since then we’ve heard and talked about how the administration exploited the crisis to help the industry. At the […]

February 14th

GOP strategists praise carbon pricing (as a way to win votes)

The Republican party admittedly has no national climate plan. To climate deniers, this is fine. But Republican strategists are warning that younger voters really do care about the climate crisis, and, without Generation Z’s votes, the party is on tenuous ground. Enter carbon pricing. By Carolyn Fortuna Cleantechnica Who’s speaking up? Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]

February 13th

Has the GOP found its inner Lorax? Or just more subtle forms of climate change denial?

While we’re all certainly happy to see that Trump and some elected Republicans have found their inner Lorax, it’s not yet clear if they’re ready to do anything about the country’s fossil fuel addiction. Still, it creates at least the appearance of a rift between the hardcore climate denial set and the politicians who claim […]

February 7th

GOP’s alternative to the Green New Deal: Throw money at fossil fuels

Last week, we were skeptical of Republicans’ latest attempts to appease suburban women and millenial voters by proposing a legislative response to the Green New Deal. While the GOP certainly could have proposed policies that fit well within conservative ideology’s preference for market-based mechanisms, most notably a carbon tax, the few details provided did not exactly inspire […]

January 31st

Climate change: Trump & and the GOP can’t see the forest for a trillion trees

Earlier this week, President Trump told the assembled leaders of the World Economic Forum at Davos that the US would join the WEF’s Trillion Trees initiative to offset climate change by planting trees. In doing so, he used exactly the sort of Christian-friendly language we discussed earlier this month, saying that we are “committed to conserving the majesty […]

January 24th

EcoRight News: House GOP close to agreeing on framework for climate change action

The Republican caucus has been meeting and talking about a climate change plan since late last year, and now there seems to be a framework for action. According to Amy Harder at Axios, “trees, plastics and favorable tax policy are at the core of House Republicans’ new push on climate change — an effort to reassure voters they care […]

January 21st

Is the GOP finally coming around on climate change?

For several months, I’ve been tracking the crumbling wall of denialism in the senior ranks of the Republican Party. The formal denial of climate change and refusal of climate action of the party is a global outlier, with every other country in the world signatory to the Paris Accord. Almost every other country has sidelined […]

January 18th