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Election 2012: Who won the second debate? Obama!

This one is going to be tough for the pundits to call. On the one hand, President Obama came out swinging in tonight’s debate, and landed some good shots on Mitt Romney. This allows for a “comeback kid” narrative, always popular with the pundits. On the other hand, not much seemed to land on Romney […]

October 16th

DNC: Wednesday’s environmental update

While there wasn’t much talk about climate change at the Democratic Convention Wednesday, there were other environmental issues that came up – particularly clean energy. And the central theme appeared to be putting the country back to work – not by dumping more tax breaks on the richest 1 percent, but by leveling the playing […]

September 6th

Paul Ryan Loves Government Spending

If there’s one thing Republicans love, it’s federal government spending.  Their other great love is keeping up a continuous echo chamber around the idea that federal government spending is the source of all evil in the world, that Obama’s stimulus package didn’t create a single job…blah blah blah. Enter, your next (aspiring) vice-president of the […]

August 20th