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10 great ways to go green this Thanksgiving

It’s been a weird mixed bag of a year, but we still have a lot to be thankful for… And as we officially enter the season of holiday cheer, holiday shopping and holiday excess, can we all think about the planet, too?They say that green is the new black, but that doesn’t mean you have […]

November 22nd

Millennials choosing socially responsible green investing

More than 75 percent of Millennial investors are currently choosing to or are interested in investing their finances in socially responsible and impacting investment options that aim to create positive change in the world, according to a new report published by investing platform Swell Investing. By Joshua S Hill  Swell Investing — “an impact investing platform that […]

November 7th

Burlington Starts Down a Renewable Path

Burlington, Vermont has set the standard for the nation by converting all of its power sources into renewable ones. The city had a choice several years ago, to go the natural gas route or to choose renewable resources. Burlington chose right. Instead of going the easy route,  the 42,000 person city of Burlington focused its energy […]

February 24th

Canadian Election Results

This will be tricky… there’s a law on the books the prevents the dissemination of election results before all the polls are closed, and Canada is a biiig country.

Polls have closed in Newfoundland, but they won’t close in BC until 10 pm Eastern time. So we’ll report what we can as things trickle in.

May 2nd

Florida Trains to Run on Biodiesel

Florida authorities have announced bold plans to begin running many of the state’s trains on biodiesel. The switch will result in a significant reduction in carbon emissons and drastically reduce the chances of soil pollution in the event of a fuel spill.

October 30th