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Can BP rebrand? Youth climate activists won’t be fooled by greenwashing.

For at least the past four years, we’ve talked about the fossil fuel industry’s concern about climate activists targeting it’s social license to operate (our collective social and legal acceptance of their business) and how the industry’s tried to put “lipstick on a pig” to address the optics of their atmosphere-and-community-polluting profits. This week’s bombshell revelation that someone hired hackers to target #ExxonKnew campaigners is one […]

5 tips for shopping sustainably and avoiding greenwashing

Sustainability and eco-brands on the raise, we find some are far off being ethical or align with sustainable values. Here’s how to step up from greenwashing & find out whether or not a brand is sustainable. By Emily Folk The colossal impact of fast fashion on the environment is better understood now than it was […]

May 24th

Bechtel family wades into California’s water wars

One reason a lot of powerful folks want to see a peripheral canal built in California is… money. A whole lot of money.

It’ll take billions to build the canal, there are billions to be made exporting vast amounts of water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California (and to NorCal big agribusiness). And there will be more billions to be made cleaning up the mess that will make – because the same huge companies will bid on those contracts, too.

June 9th

Do CBS’s “Eco-Ads” Violate FTC Guidelines?

CBS’s new “Eco-Ads” program could be a great way to tell consumers that companies are getting serious about making their products better for the planet. Or it could be more window dressing, more greenwashing – and in violation of FTC guidelines, to boot. On the bright side, the fact that this program exists at all […]

January 14th

I Can Haz Oilburger? Punking of Chevron Continues

We reported on Tuesday how The Yes Men (in collaboration with the Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch) had pwned big oil company Chevron’s new greenwashing ad campaign. The Yes Men are quite pleased with their results: “It’s been working: search on Chevron in the news and all you get is our spoof. $50 million spent […]

October 22nd

The John McCain 100% Organic Cotton ‘Onesie?’

Greenwash on warm and discard as needed [social_buttons]Has your newborn already outgrown those Ronald Reagan ‘Trickle-Down Diaper Covers’ that were hand-me-downs from your cousin? Well, the long wait is finally over, because you can now wrap your newest neo-cons in the soft organic cotton of the John McCain ‘Onesie.’ And no, I’m not kidding. In […]

May 14th