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Right-wing noise machine goes nuclear on Harry Reid

The US Senate is completely dysfunctional. Republicans are taking gross advantage of the old rules – which worked once upon a time when the Senate was a gentlemanly body – to completely block anything from getting done and instead score cheap political points.
But when Harry Reid used those same Senate rules tonight to block the GOP from pulling off its latest cheap stunt, they went into a screaming frenzy.

October 6th

Government shutdown Part 2: Senate takes up Boehner’s green-jobs-killing bill

Last week House Speaker John Boehner insisted he was willing to shut down the government unless we kill a loan program that helps Detroit automakers retool factories to make hybrid cars. (Note: that’s a loan program, not a give-away program.)
Senate leader Harry Reid may have found a little bit o’ backbone, though. He’s started the bizarre parliamentary dance required to lob the ball back at the House… WITHOUT the odious job-killing green-car cut. But will it work?

September 26th

Filibuster Reform: Dems and Repubs Agree to Small Changes

Senate Democrats have backed off from the changes they had talked about making to fix the broken Senate. But they have agreed with Republicans on a small suite of changes that could help. A little. Will it end gridlock? Probably not. Will it end the gross abuse of the filibuster and other arcane Senate procedures […]

January 27th

Filibuster Reform is Good for the Planet

We can’t protect the planet if popular measures supported by majorities of Americans can’t even come up for a vote in the Senate. Which is why it’s good that all 53 returning Democratic Senators have signed on to a letter calling for filibuster reform. The filibuster – a procedure that’s supposed to be used rarely and […]

December 27th

Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate

Industry must really want the Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510). It was dead, dead, dead – the clock had run out, and considering the gridlock in Washington, the fact that Jim DeMint (R-SC) had promised he would block most everything the Democrats brought up, and Tom Colburn (R-OK) had promised he would personally fillibuster […]

December 20th

Gilding the Lily on Green Jobs

Last week brought us climate as a security threat and White House officials are continuing to float trial balloons throughout August as they grope for a communications strategy. This week’s angle: green jobs.

August 18th

Democrats Host Green Jobs Summit

On an historic day which proved America’s spirit during the Revolutionary War, the spirit of America was again proved. As news came that Nevada’s unemployment rate hit a record high of 11.3 percent, Senate majority leader Harry Reid addressed the people whose roles are instrumental in helping America survive.

June 29th