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The flowers you buy your mom for Mother’s Day may be tied to the US war on drugs

What does Mother’s Day flowers have to do with cocaine? Very little, most people would think. But as an economist, I often explain to my students that the world is economically connected, often in strange ways. The flower business is one of those strange economic connections. By Jay L. Zagorsky, Boston University The Conversation Mother’s Day, […]

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate production generates a lot of pollution. To minimize your impact, opt for dark — just a little — and skip the frills. By Marlene Cimons Nexus Media was predictable that one day Adisa Azapagic, who studies the carbon footprint of various foods, would get around to chocolate. Little was known about the environmental impact […]

February 14th

Valentine’s Day : Last minute eco-gifts for your eco-sweetie

Fellas, I’ve been there — these things happen. Valentine’s Day (or a birthday, or an anniversary…) sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you’re scrambling to make sure your eco-sweetie knows you love her. Of course you do, but you’re a dude. You are not wired well to think ahead with sweetness and […]

February 12th

Why you may be more at risk for foodborne infections during the holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays, many people agree, and millions of people will travel long distances to get there. Along the journey, however, you may be at higher risk of becoming infected with a foodborne pathogen also along for the ride. And, that pathogen could make your day a real downer. By Yvonne […]

December 25th

Going to Mars for the holidays? Take these books (and one game) along

They’re already talking about getaway excursions to the Moon, right? Yes, they are. Before you know it, the idea of vacationing on Mars will not seem so crazy either. Of course, you’ll need something to keep you busy during the long trip out there. CleanTechnica recently received some suggestions from National Geographic that fit the bill and […]

December 8th

Columbus Day – or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

The celebration of Christopher Columbus Day, the Italian explorer credited with discovering America, has faced a backlash over the years because of his maltreatment of Native American populations. Many in the U.S. are calling for a change. By Joe Difazio (Displayed with permission from International Business Times) Dozens of people gathered in Boston on Saturday […]

October 8th

David Brin: Tis the season… to save the world?

By David Brin You don’t have to be reminded. Forward looking folks know this time of year is when we re-assess our annual donations and find ways to help tilt the scales toward a more favorable tomorrow. But is there an aspect of ultimate self-interest? Consider. What criteria will future generations use, when they decide which people from […]

December 3rd