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Sea level rise is going to be a LOT higher

You thought Sandy was bad? Just wait for the megastorms that will swamp our coastal cities after a foot – or three – of sea level rise. The 2007 IPCC estimate was just under two feet of rise… but we’re getting a better sense of the worsening situation in both Greenland and Antarctica now. And […]

January 7th

Climate Change Deniers Run House Committees

Surprised?  No. But there was some part of me that held out just a little hope that someday, somewhere out there, a reasonable Republican congressman (HA!) would find him or herself in a position of power to do something about, or at least, support, some small effort to mitigate climate change. Alas (and again), not […]

December 10th

Election 2012: Mitt’s Last Stand

Mitt Romney is getting desperate. Sure, national polling is close, with only a slight edge for Obama becoming apparent in recent days.  However, the electoral college – that archaic remnant of the early days of our Union – not so much.  Romney looks to have a depressing Tuesday night ahead of him.  At least, if […]

November 5th

Hurricane Sandy benefit Friday night: Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Sting, Bon Jovi

Want to do something for Hurricane Sandy relief? Here’s your chance! Friday night, NBC will host a telathon mega-concert,  “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together,”  to raise funds.  Scheduled to appear so far:  Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi Watch some amazing music and call in your donations… and share this around so […]

November 1st

Hurricane Sandy and climate change compel NYC Mayor Bloomberg to endorse Obama

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (formerly Republican, now Independent) has been holding aloof on endorsing either candidate for president. But after Hurricane Sandy’s climate-change-fueled might slammed into his city this week, Bloomberg has decided that the issues of climate change and global warming are too important. And he has announced his endorsement of President Obama for […]

November 1st