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Can we go back to a clean future with hybrid airships?

China is betting big on airships for freight with a partnership with French company Flying Whales. Better access to remote areas and big cost savings are the reason, but will airships open a path to cleaner air transport? By Jennifer Sensiba Cleantechnica According to China Daily, air freight volume in China is growing much faster than the […]

March 25th

EVs: Which is better, fully electric of plug-in hybrid?

Lots of people who drive fully electric cars look down on plug-in hybrids as pretenders, not “real” EVs. People who drive plug-in hybrids respond that their cars drive on electrons instead of molecules most of the time and cost significantly less to buy. Is one best? The answer, like most things in life, is, “It […]

February 19th

Electric vehicles: It’s time for Ford to make an all-electric Mustang

One disappointing announcement from a major auto executive in recent years (among many) came in January 2017, when Ford’s then-CEO, Mark Fields, promised hybrid versions of the company’s iconic Mustang and F-150 pickup — by 2022. Yes, regular hybrids. And yes, roughly 5 years from the announcement. Was he serious? By Loren McDonald   Fields was replaced several months later, […]

August 15th

Tangled Up In Green: Sobering Effects of Corn Prices

As I start to stockpile bourbon (it’s made from at least 50% corn) as an investment strategy, I wonder why we are doing this to ourselves. You practically can’t read a newspaper or news magazine without someone condemning the use of corn as an alternative fuel source these days. And who wouldn’t. The ethanol boom […]

March 27th