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Renewable Roundup: Europe goes big on hydrogen

We have looked at applications of hydrogen, and specific projects. Here is an analysis of the entire European Union hydrogen market through 2030.  The problem, as with many technologies, is reducing costs to be competitive with fossil fuels. By Mokurai But there are applications where that is not necessary. When renewable energy is overproduced in […]

June 23rd

Renewable Roundup: Hydrogen fuel cells verses batteries in Australia

Despite the political hooraw about renewables in Australia, the people and the private sector are charging [sic] ahead. One can argue about batteries or fuel cells for vehicles of various sorts, or one can treat them as complementary technologies, with different strengths for different applications. (As also for Renewable Natural Gas [sic] from landfills and such.) We also […]

June 21st

What does it mean when the price of solar energy is negative? (Get paid to charge your EV – or make hydrogen!)

Denialists complain bitterly about the variable output of wind and solar energy systems. But for consumers, that means that the cost of electricity is necessarily negative sometimes. You get to arbitrage your recharging, if your government does not interfere. Others get to use negatively-priced energy to make hydrogen from water, as a form of energy […]

May 7th

Chief Scientist of Australia: we need to transform our world into a sustainable ‘electric planet’

I want you to imagine a highway exclusively devoted to delivering the world’s energy. Each lane is restricted to trucks that carry one of the world’s seven large-scale sources of primary energy: coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar and wind. By Alan Finkel, Office of the Chief Scientist The Conversation Our current energy security comes […]

February 22nd

Hydrogen fuel cells powering the next generation of Hyundai EVs?

The see-saw, up-and-down race to replace fossil hydrogen fuel with renewable hydrogen just got a little more interesting thanks to Hyundai, which is apparently competing with Toyota for the fuel cell vehicle crown. Hyundai just inked a fossil-hydrogen deal in South Korea, but meanwhile, with the other hand, it also John Hancocked a green H2 […]

February 19th

Hydrogen in, natural gas out – $64 billion makes it official

Just a few years ago, a chorus of hee-haws would be expected to erupt whenever the topic turned to the hydrogen economy of the sparkling green future. Well, money talks. The US Department of Energy has been plowing research dollars into hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and the latest development is all about leveraging wind […]

February 6th